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best chex mix recipe?

There are so many! What is your favorite?

Re: best chex mix recipe?

  • My friend does this great one with Chex Mix, peanuts, pretzels, M&Ms,  and white chocolate covered :)   YUMMMMMMMM
  • My favorite is actually the original one on the Chex boxes. I just change up the main ingredients slightly. I use: The three Chex cereals, Rold Gold pretzel sticks, and Goldfish crackers.
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  • The white chocolate one is awesome for something sweet.  You can check the chex website for ideas, but I usually just open a bag of premade.
  • I love the white chocolate one for Christmas. It is soooo good like pp said. The Puppy Chow one is really good too.


    Here is a shout out from MN.

    Hands down the best (and easiest recipe) is my MILs. We seriously think she should trademark the recipe and brand. :)

     Crispix cereal (12 oz box)

     1- 1 1/2 c. Regular Old Dutch pretzels (or can use the holiday shapes)

    1- 1 1/2 c. deluxe mixed nuts


    1 stick unsalted butter.
    3 tsp of la choy soy sauce

    1 tsp of lawry's season salt

    1 tsp of garlic powder

     In separate mixing bowl, combine the cereal, pretzels and nuts. Set aside.
    In a 9 x 13 glass pan (usable for microwave), melt butter...add in soy sauce and lawry's....mix at the bottom of the pan.

    Dump glass pan mix on top of mixing bowl...mix together (use your hands)...and they're going to get greasy. Coat well.

    Dump back into 9 x 13....microwave (times vary ... be careful not to burn), 4 minutes on HIGH. At 2 minutes, take out - sprinkle garlic powder...re-stir, and put back in for remaining two minutes.

    Then it's a matter of taste...continue to do it at 45 second increments, at power 50, (i.e., not high---if it is 10, then do 5)...you should start to see golden color, and sizzling from the butter. Should not take more than another 3-4 minutes total if that. You WILL get some burnt pieces..I just take them out (it's where the butter and soy sauce really come together on a piece)

     Lay on wax paper and let cool.

    I'm not joking-my MIL makes $300 worth of this stuff at Christmas and has people make requests. If you are a salty fan, you'll love this.

    It's better than oven-less time, less ingredients and better!

  • i like the ranch recipe on the back of the box, and also adding Quaker Oat Squares to it, it is a little sweet and it is really good!
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  • This is my favorite recipe. I like the spicy taste of it (not spicy hot, just spicy flavorful).


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