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Fear of Flying

Our late HM to St. Lucia is in 1.5 weeks, woohoo! However, I'm starting to get a little nervous about the flights. H and I both have flown on airplanes since we were babies, and we've always been used to it. But the last time he flew, he ended up having a mini panic attack. I wasn't there, but he told me about it. Ever since then, he's been dreading our airplane rides to the HM. He's convinced he's going to freak out again, and I'm almost positive that his fear of having another attack will cause him to have one, or at least feel sick.

I'm just not sure how I should handle his fear. All I can think of is for him to take dramamine. It's not like he can get a prescription for anything stronger. Other than that, I guess I'll have to just soothe his nerves and try to relax him. It's just so weird, because I don't usually have to take care of him in any major way, but I'm anticipating that I might have to with this issue.

Has anyone dealt with this?

Re: Fear of Flying

  • Ok I am the worst flyer ever, panic attacks everytime, were the flight attendants have had to come over.  I've always hated it. Two things that have helped me, Xanax and I bought and this audio CD (you can download it online) and it really really helped me alot. I'll look for the link..... If I can't find it I could alwasy burn it for you on CD and meet you at Wiregrass or something to give it to you.
  • actually it's not Xanax its called Niravam and I take it at a very low dose .25mg. It dissolves in your mouth and is fast acting. I'm sure if you called up his doctor and explained the deal he could get some.
  • Here is the link to the audio download, it's only 10 bucks and I swear it's worth it. http://www.fearofflyinghelp.com/Audio.shtml. Maybe I can upload them to my google pages....

  • image cmosv77:

    Just right click on the lesson links and select "Save Target As"

  • Thanks a bunch, I'll check out the links while I'm home this weekend. Thanks for doing that!


  • About the drugs. I wonder if he could get something easily... Our trip is coming up soon and I don't know when he'd have time to got to a doctor. Did your doctor prescribe it to you easily or did they have to test you or something? I know that's really dumb sounding but I have no idea how anxiety meds work. I just really don't want him to freak out on the plane...
  • No problem, I have to help out my fellow fear of flying people because I know what an awful feeling it is.

  • I still get anxious and I fly quite a bit ( i/ we take about 3 trips a year).  But its not so bad once you are up in the air.  But like pp said, he can probably get a small Rx from his Dr if he tells him he is absolutely terrified of flying.  His Dr would probably only prescrib enough to cover him on the flights.  He wouldn't get a full prescript. 

  • Exactly, the doctor won't give him a full Rx, maybe a few pills for each flight. It really shouldn't be a problem and they should be able to fill it over the phone without an office visit.
  • Thanks ladies, I'll give H this info and see what he wants to do :)
  • good luck girll!! I hate flying and have always had anxiety about it...I usually take a big dose of dramamine to help konk me out, but it is prob best to speak with the doc! let us know!
  • I go through the same thing and I fly quite a bit.  It's even worse when DH isn't with me.  I don't have any sage wisdom, but tell your DH not to worry- a lot of us go through it!  PPs suggestion about xanax or another anti-anxiety med is a good one, I'd definitely have him call his doctor.
  • Lauren, are you flying AA?  We did and the flights were very smoothe,so that is good.  I took dramamine for the car rides there and it knocked me out.  He could ask for Ativan.  They might give him a few doses.  My mom did that the first time she flew.
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