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Hi! i don't usually post on this board, but looking through the posts i responded to a few of your posts - esp a vet rec in SD - and wanted to make sure you saw them. 


Re: **njrunr**

  • Thanks for your rec! Do you happen to know what their vaccination policy is?  We want someone that has a conservative vaccination policy and doesn't give the dog every single vaccine out there. I'm only asking because on their website, they say that they don't approve feeding a raw diet and usually that means they are not open to any holistic treatments. Also, do you know what, if any, dog food they have on display? The only good thing about our current vet is that they have very high quality food on display (TOTW, Evo, Canidae) and would never recommend Science Diet. Thanks again!
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  • hmm.. i don't know what the vac policy is. Fen will just be a year tomorrow and came to us with all his puppy shots. we got his rabies done at another vet (we used to drive all the way to Riverside, but that got to be too much).so i guess we will soon find out as he comes due for boosters, but she hasn't given him any shots.


    i can't remember what food they have there. we feed orijin and i know its not that.


    our biggest concern was finding a vet with bulldog experience and good bedside manner. so far we are happy with both.

  • Did you go to Dr. Butchko in Riverside by any chance? We're taking him there to be neutered there when he's 6 months old.

     How is your dog doing on Orijen?  Porkchop could not handle the protein content and we had to switch to TOTW Pacific Stream, which has a protein content of 17% less. 

    Thanks for the rec! We will definitely check them out. And if Fen ever wants a playdate with his own kind, Porkchop is always ready to play!

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  • yep we went to dr butchko. is that your current vet, or just who will be doing the neuter? they def know bulldogs, but it was just too far to drive since we seem to have to go to the vet often :-(.


    he seems to be doing well on the orijen. he was on a prescription iams prior and, while he actually had no problems with the food, i wanted him on something with better ingredients.  


    we should def try to make a play date sometime. he loooves other dogs, but bulldogs esp :-)

  • we've never been to dr. butchko, but i know he is highly recommended in the bulldog world so we will make the drive for his neuter. i wish he was closer so he can be our vet. he was porkchop's first vet actually. his breeder lives in sd, but made the trek to him because of his reputation.  his current (not for much longer though) vet is from the kensington vet hospital. 

    which part of sd are you in? we're in the utc/la jolla area. you can email me directly at njrunr3 at gmail.  we'd love for porkchop to have a bulldog buddy to play with!

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