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30 day shred

Anyone doing this? 

I started it and I'm on day 6.  The first 3 workouts I did every other day.  I worked out 2 days in a row now.  I'm not looking to lose 20 lbs.  Hopefully just the 5 I gained and tone up my flabby belly & inner thighs.  Yuck! 


Re: 30 day shred

  • I've never heard of it but I just "googled" it. Looks interesting.
  • MrsJaz... if you've got on demand on cable, its free on channel 353.  They have all 3 workouts.  i have noticed a difference in my shoulders.  DH says I look slimmer.... the scale hasn't budged though.  shhhh.... Stick out tongue
  • I have brighthouse cable is that "on demand". Sorry I am seriously am thick sometimes when it comes to technology.
  • lol... no worries. i didn't even know we had it.  DH found out we had it after 2+ years.  You might have it if you have digital cable.... I know its channel 353 in Tampa, so if you have access to that channel, you should have it. 
  • I tried it right before the wedding and found it to be boring, she never kicked it up enough for me so I just went back to the gym.
  • it is really good! i love it!!! She just came out with a workout video for wii! The shred is a great workout!  Now...I just need the motivation to start using it again hahaha!
  • I bought it about 5 months ago but it is still in it's package, lol. ?It's not that I never got the motivation to use it, we just joined a gym when we moved so I was going to the gym instead of trying the video. ?I think I am going to start using it in rotation with the gym though. ?On those days where I don't have time for the gym or don't feel like driving there.
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