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OMFG help please???

Maggie's nail seems to be...slipping off?? I just noticed it's red and she was licking it and I touched it and it's like it's slipping off of the quick.

What do I do? Put her in the car and take her to the e-vet?


Re: OMFG help please???

  • Do you have a picture?  It doesn't make sense . . .are you sure the exterior isn't just shedding?  Did the nail split?

    Can you wrap it?

  • Does she look like she's in pain? Is she limping?

    They can come off. We had a ferret tear his off once when he got stuck on his hammock. They put him in a cast (see pic in bio) but they did it because it began to bleed, most likely he cut the quick when he tore the nail shaft off. Go with your gut instinct. If you think she needs to be seen, go. If she's not bleeding and you don't think she's in pain, see what happens tonight. Do you and A have plans or can you watch her?



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  • Yikes!

    I have no experience with this, so I did a quick search on Google, and here's what I found.  (It is yahoo, so take it with a grain of salt...)

    Today i tripped over my ten year old lab, and her nail completly fell off. It was bleeding slightly (little drops of blood as she walked). Once i picked up the nail, however i noticed it was completely hollow! Then when i looked at her paw there was a thin clear nail looking thing where i think the old nail was. Was that the inside of the nail? She has appeared to stop bleeding, and isnt acting like shes in much pain. Anybody have any idea on what else i should do? Was the clear nail looking thing, the inside of the hard black nail?

    thanks to anybody who answers!

    Yup, the nail got ripped off.
    Kinda like when we slam our finger in a door and our nail falls off. It will take a while to grow back.

    For now, keep it clean and wrapped. Last thing you want is for it to get infected.

    You may want to have a vet check your dog out. A nail should take FAR more trauma than that to get torn off. Something could be wrong. That really is quite unusual.

    My friend's dog go his nail caught in a door jam and it still didn't rip the whole nail off, the vet had to pull it the rest of the way off.

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  • No, no plans that involve leaving the house so we can watch her.

    She's not limping but does not want me looking at it or touching it. It's her front dewclaw if that matters at all.

    Called the e-vet and they were useless as usual.  After bringing in Finn once for a 30 second cursory glance by the vet ("he's fine") I just hate to waste the money if this is something that just happens sometimes and is perfectly fine. On the other hand, I don't want her in pain. They said the options would be cutting the nail off entirely (?!), or cutting part of it off.

    It's not bleeding. I just noticed it b/c she was licking it.

  • I'd go to the vet, but I'm irrational like that.  If she's not in pain then it might not warrant a trip.
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  • The nail is on for's like slipping off a shoe slightly- it's a little off of the inside of the nail so that I can see red tissue (a few milimeters?) but it's still on. She's sleeping on it and ignoring it.
  • That happened to my dog a few months back, I brought her to the vet and they cut the entire nail off and then wrapped it and it was fine. I don't think she needs to go to the vet. If you just leave it be, it should be fine. Just try and keep her from licking it and keep an eye on it. Like pp said, you don't want it getting infected. She should be fine though,, don't sweat it.
  • Ok, I think we're going to watch and wait for now.  She doesn't walk on it since it's a dewclaw- maybe she caught it on something while playing with Leroy?

    She's eating a marrow bone and seems to be sufficiently distracted..


  • Yeah, just wait and see, don't let her lick it if you can, you could ace wrap it tonight if she's driving you guys crazy. Distract her with her favorites and she should be ok. If it starts looking infected or she just won't leave it alone, make an appt for Friday or Saturday at your regular vet. Otherwise, it may just fall off on it's own and heal.


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  • That's what it was like when Scout tore his dew claw.  His nail was haning on and his quick was completely exposed.  We called our vet it wasnt an emergency but the said not to wrap it because the pressure could really hurt on the quick.  Scout did a good job of avoiding things contacting it until we took him to the vet.  He actually did ok for two dayw while he waited for surgery. 
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  • Marley split one of her's at daycare a few weeks back and it sounds like what you're describing.  The top (outside) of the nail sort of separated from the red quick.  Unfortunately, her entire...dew toe (what the hell do you call the nubby finger part??) ended up infected too.  The vet started her on antibiotics because of the infected part but told us just to soak her foot in water (as hot as she'd stand) and epsom salt.  And to keep it clean.  Because it's so easy to keep a dog's foot clean...but I digress...

    Her's has started to reattach (for lack of a better description) and it's no longer infected.  My vet also suggested we consider removing her dew claws but that's because she goes to daycare so much (it was the rubber floor that caught it in the first place) and because she's running flyball (also on rubber matting).  Right now we're working on wrapping her dew claws with vet wrap for daycare and it's working just fine.  I may eventually be convinced that removal is necessary, but I'm just now starting to get over docking Ralphie's tail...I'm not sure I can handle partially declawing Marley!

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  • I would not go to the e vet at this point.

    Harley ripped his off a few times. I took him to the vet once and they applied antibiotic ointment on it and wrapped it. She told us to put cream on it, then surgical wrapping, then a baby sock on his foot. Yeah, it really didn't work well - he ripped it all off - but I put that ointment on it and it healed right up.


  • FWIW we did have Scout's removed.  He plays so rough it was the 3rd or 4th time be hurt it and when the entire nail was gone we decided it was time to just get rid of them.  Of course he is the world's clumsiest dog...yesterday he fell climbing onto the couch that he gets on multiple times a day every day. 
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  • Timmy caught his on something while he was shaking (his dew claw) and I noticed it broken at the base. I called the e-vet and they had me bring him in (this is actually all in Timmy's blog). After 15 minutes, they brought him out with a case on. They cut the whole nail off-luckily, no bleeding and they put stuff on it so nothing would get infected. Plus, they only charged me half of a normal visit-I think we paid like $38 or something like that.

    I'd probably go to the e-vet. Better to be safe than sorry.

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