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s/o U-verse?

Tell me why it's wonderful.

I'm kind of obsessive about my TV, and I'm not switching to anything that doesn't have a dual tuner HD-DVR (HD on both tuners - and this information is nearly impossible to glean from DirectTV or AT&T).

We have Comcast now, and it's fine, but the cost keeps creeping up. Mr.P called and got it knocked down about $15/mo, but I'm sure it will creep again - they raise our rates what seems like every 6 months. 

I'm kind of scared to leave cable, and AT&T didn't list what channels where available. DirectTV looked good, but it wasn't that much cheaper after the first 12 months, and it didn't look like the DVR was HD on both tuners. 

We discussed U-verse at Christmas dinner and I heard lots of great things, but I can't remember them now and I'm not sure if it was just the wine talking. 

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Re: s/o U-verse?

  • that must be a regional thing, I've never heard of it up here.
  • awesome, thanks zoe!
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  • We had it hooked up yesterday. ?The TV looks great - we have so many more channels than TimeWarner gave us, and it's cheaper and includes internet. ?Now that we can cancel our DSL and phone line, this will save us @$600/year!

    The drawback? ?The internet isn't fabulous. ?Sometimes it's really fast, other times really slow. ?After reading some of the user group chats, DH says it's a common complaint about the internet service. ?

    But, the tv's great.?

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