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Beagle will not eat or drink

Do you all have any idea what could be wrong with a beagle, almost 5 years old, who will not eat or drink?

He has been to two different vets. They have checked his blood, did some scans....can't seem to find out anything for sure.

They don't think that he has Parvo or Lyme's. His kidneys still seem fine. We have been giving him water through a syringe. We are also giving him some gravy from wet dog food through a syringe. He was throwing up last week, but not now. He is weak...of course. He does go out to pee, but I have not seen him have a BM in awhile. But I would think the vet would be checking all of this.

We are just at a loss to figure this out, so I am trying online to see if someone might know of some strange reason that this could be happening.

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Re: Beagle will not eat or drink

  • I don't have much of an idea, but I would continue onto new vets until someone did enough of a workup to have an idea. If he continues to not get enough fluid intake, his kidneys will take a hit and he will end up in kidney failure. I hope you can figure something out! Good luck!



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  • Did anyone give him an antiemetic (anti-nausea meds)?? He might have had a stomach bug, and the resultant eating-then-puking has thrown him off food because he's afraid of throwing up now. It might take a while to get him eating again. Keep trying to find foods he finds absolutely irresistible.

    On the other hand, I might be trying another vet to make sure everything's been ruled out. Dogs are okay for a few days without eating, but obviously anyone going for long periods not eating or drinking is going to start getting very ill/weak. Be proactive with your vets and ask any/all questions you can think of. Just because you think they should be checking everything, doesn't always mean they actually are, unfortunately. 

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    Have any of the vets checked his neck/back? Beagles are very prone to neck and back issues so if something is wrong there it can radiate throughout his whole body. Also, chronic vomiting can cause the pyloric sphincter to get into a funk and once it starts, it is hard to stop it. Elevating his food/water bowls can help with the neck issues especially if it hurts for him to bend his head to eat so keeping his head/neck/back on an even plane while eating can really help. I also agree that you need to find another vet that will be more proactive in finding out what the problem is.
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  • Thank you all. We ended up taking him to a third emergency vet...and she thinks that he has Addison's Disease. He is doing much better now, thankfully! He was tested, officially, for Addison's today so we should get the test results back in a couple of days and they, if positive, he will be treated for it everyday.
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