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Color Run, Run or Dye, etc.

Hey ladies, I know I have seen a few of you "like" various of these fun 5k runs on I was wondering has anyone done one of these? I am signed up for the Color Run on July 20th and was wondering how the day kind of looks. I signed up as an individual, will I get to start with my friend who signed up as an individual later, or will they split start times due to registration/ability? I'm stoked to do it, but am trying to figure out how much of my day do I need to keep free on the 20th (should I plan to be home by noon if it says it starts at 9? or do they not even start people until noon?)

 Anyone know? The websites don't give a lot of information on much more then the date and where to show up!

Re: Color Run, Run or Dye, etc.

  • I didn't run one but they did run a Color Run one two weekends ago in front of ouf apartment complex/ neighborhood. I think they split people up by when they sign in. A girl from work ran with her husband but they weren't a team. They go in waves and I believe they are DONE by 12. 
  • Thanks! That's helpful to know!
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    I don't know how they run them either but I am signed up to run one in August. I hope that they let teams run together because my sister & I signed up with about 8 other girls and I would be really disappointed if we had to run alone.
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  • I did the color run yesterday.  You can run in a group.  They do dismiss in waves, but they're not assigned, you just kind of line up in the start corral and they start sending waves through.  The color run wasn't timed, so there were walkers and runners and at the color stations people walked through because of so many people and to make sure they got color.  It was a ton of fun!
  • I did Run or Dye on Saturday and it was a lot of fun! Like PP said, we all lined up at the starting line and took off whenever we were ready. There were no assigned starts or anything. We started at 9:15 and they had the entire site closed by 12:30.
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