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Red/white wine dilema!

My husband loves red wine, and I love white wine. Our 1 year anniversary is coming up and I am trying to find a wine that we would both like. We have found one wine, a sweet red, that we both love but we want to try something new.

Anyone tried any great wines that are kind of a mix between the two?

Re: Red/white wine dilema!

  • White Pinot Noir (the red comes from the skins not the grapes), every bottle I've tried, I liked, here's a few recommendations:


  • I'm not a wine expert by any means, but to the extent of my knowledge, it will be hard to find something you will both enjoy because red is more of a bold taste while white is usually sweeter. I enjoy whites a lot more than reds, but my fiance can't even have a taste of my whites without making a face.

    Maybe try a rose? It's not a combination of flavors, but definitely a combination of colors! Haha! 

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  • You can try with pink wine, maybe you both will like it! Congratulations!
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  • Congrats on the upcoming anniversary!

    I don't have any good suggestions, but the other day at the grocery store I noticed a red moscato. 

    And like other PP's, maybe try a pink wine like Zinfandel. There are pink and red varieties of this too. 

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  • Thank you! I will make sure to try out your suggestions!
  • when you say 'red wine' is it more of a merlot? or something lighter/sweeter? and when you say white wine, do you mean something fruity/sweet, or dry/bitter?


    i'd suggest a very light red.  or a rose.  

    it will take a bit of trial and error to find something you both like.  I'm typically a red wine drinker, and my MIL is a rose/white drinker.... I found a good rose in the niagara on-the-lake region that was a decent compromise. 

  • Happy Anniversary! 

    Red moscato is an awesome suggestion, previous poster!  It's very festive because of the bubbles (hence, perfect for an anniversary celebration) and such a unique taste. 

    Other suggestions - Cru Beaujolais (usually nice and fruity), or maybe a white Burgundy

  • Thank you! I think I will try a Red moscato, that sounds fun, plus I love the White Moscato's out there so It sounds like a winner! :)
  • Shiraz (or syrah) are fun, peppery reds, if you don't like deep heavy cabernets.  Do you like sweet or dry wine?  He might not like white because it is too sweet, then you can try going for a drier wine.  I would stay away from zinfandel, it is generally over the top sweet.

  • Also you could try with a fruit wine, some of them are really good and an aniversary is a good excuse to taste something completely different!



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  • Have you heard of this new site called Taste-Factor.com? It's a wine subscription site that sends you 3 bottles of wines every month. After you try the wines, you rate each bottle.  Then they send you 3 new wines the next month that are tailored to your tastes. Since each wine is selected my a winemaker in Napa, we know all of the wine will be good. My husband and I are doing this together and it's such a fun way to try new wines and discover each others tastes. I thought I HATED red wine, but it turns out that I just hadn't had one that I liked.  Good luck!
  • Try making your own sangria! The Nest has some good recipes. It usually consists of red and white wine mixed together (just make sure to look up some recipes first)  and when you add fresh fruit... mmmmm....  :)  Hope this helps!
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