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Celebrity Vent

Have you ladies seen all these celebrities jumping on the bandwagon of Living Below the Line?

We all know that throughout the world millions of people survive with very little. The whole point of this organization is to draw attention to that fact, which I think is great, however seeing these celebrities attach their names to this is slightly annoying. The organization challenges you to live on $1.50/day for 5 days (because you know, weekends don't count). So now you see all these reports of celebritites giving up EVERYTHING to live on $1.50/day. Keep in mind they still live in their million dollar homes, have stocked fridges, personal chefs, and a driver but as long as they don't spend more than $1.50 they are truly helping out this organization.

What really rubbed me the wrong way about this happened while watching E! News (yes, I know, it's crappy, fluff news but it was the weekend so I get a pass) and some girl who I have never even heard of lived below the line for an entie day (oh the horror)!! She really annoyed the piss out of me with her 'news' piece because she totally did not get the whole point of Living Below the Line! Because of the job she has (model? actress? annoying news anchor?) all of her clothes for the day were free (which total happens every day for people living in poverty), she had free meals because she was in meetings all day (most people don't even know where there next meal is coming from!), and she had her friends come and pick her up so she didn't have to take the bus or walk too far (at this point I really wanted to slap her)!!!

I just hate seeing all these celebrities attach their names to an organization that is really trying to do something good and then ruin it with stupid comments or actions. Did that girl really get the whole point of what she was trying to do? Does she know that most children wake up hungry and go to bed hungry every single day? I know a lot of celebrities have come from nothing but it would be nice if they remembered their roots just a little bit more. Them living on $1.50/day doesn't really do much other than make them look good to the public, which in my opinion, it hasn't even done that.

Sorry for the randomness of all of this but I needed to just get it out!

*End Rant*

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Re: Celebrity Vent

  • I always get upset watching these things and say if these dumb celebrities put all their money together the world issues would be solved. Don't preach to me when most of us are just getting by and you have all this money. blah
    "Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly"
  • I mean I get that they think with their name attached that it makes it more public. And which I agree it does but honestly it is annoying every day to see which celebrity is doing what for a different charity. I mean that money should go to a worthy cause but please stop making yourself look good just because you are rich and famous.
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