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Current events

Last night I got to thinking about the news. Here in Boston, we are starting to get back to normal and the news stations are begining to talk about other things going on locally, and the world. For the past week, last week's events were our big news story (it will continue and then fade until trial). While the events were horrific, it has brought the city together (Boston Strong and as Big Papi says "this is our f*#ing city!") and some tremendously couragous stories have emerged.

So, I was thinking.....what's the big news story in your area?

Re: Current events

  • The big news story is the Boston story as well. I think it hit America hard. The Philadelphia Broad street run is coming soon and the runners are all wearing red socks in honor of the Boston. Philadelphia and Boston are a lot a like, even though Boston is
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  • I'm in Delaware and the biggest story here has also been Boston. Local news came back after the first few days following the events but its still a heavy topic - as it should be. I'd like to hear less about the bombers though and more about the victims. T
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  • I'm in Louisiana and Boston has been the big story around here too. Now it's pretty much the same dumb stuff it was before. Like the dog park that people want and the city won't pay for ( I have no problem with a dog park BUT this city needs way more thin
  • I'm in Colorado and I don't watch the news..

    but I watch the weather channel and it's supposed to be in the 70s this weekend and people are pretty excited about that  lol

  • image comeongetdown:

    I'm in Colorado and I don't watch the news..

    but I watch the weather channel and it's supposed to be

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