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I'm on Day 2 with the worst migraine I think I ever had. I got sick so many times yesterday that I couldn't even hold water down. So I woke up with it still and am heading to the doctors office because the pain is that bad...

Anyone ever experiance anything like this? 

Re: Migraine

  • Yes, migraines are no fun. Are you stressed? Have hormonal changes or are you dehydrated? These are my biggest triggers. 
  • Yes! I feel your pain!! There are a lot of possible triggers. Mine have changed over the years? caffeine (withdrawal), hormones, fluctuations in barometric pressure, stress, depression, too much light, eye strain, tension, certain artificial things in foods (colors), dehydration? and REBOUND headaches/migraines. 

    Please insist your doctor either run tests or send you to a migraine specialist. I've found that many doctors do not take migraines seriously.

    Best of luck to you, I hope you feel better soon!! 

  • I used to get migraines like that too. Mine came on after I had a headache for a long time and couldn't get it to go away with meds. I would cry and cry b/c that's the only thing I could do. I am not big on taking pills and really wanted to find a better way to help with them. I researched and heard about Shakeology helping people with sever headaches and migraines. I decided to try it and I have not had one since! It was a miracle for me. I don't know if maybe my body was lacking something or what but it worked somehow. I also got into more exercise and watched what I was eating (limited processed foods and no artificial stuff). I still get headaches every now and then but it's due to my back always adjusting or allergies, but they go away! I hope you feel better soon!!! 
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