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I just need to vent

And I don't want to on FB...but I just got the bill or bills for my ER visit from Decembers and please tell me why I paid my co-pay ($25) for my c-section and entire 5 day hospital stay and for 5 lousy annoying hours in the ER with only 1 bag a fluid AND I didn't even see a physician am I paying alomst $600.  I know I shouldn't complain since there are some people who have way higher medical bills than I and may not have insurance but I am cringing just paing that.   When I called they said I still had to pay phyicians services even if I didn't see them because of the rest of the staff who helped me.  I guess I am just ticked because I had an AWFUL experience there and I don't think it was worth $600.  Vent over-UGH

PS-I do know that I am paying because of the insurance I just sucks...I could really have used that $600 for something good!

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Re: I just need to vent

  • Is it possible that you'll meet your insurance deductible with your c-section later this year and so technically you are just paying for it earlier?  It still sucks regardless just trying to find a positive side to it.
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  • I tried getting some information on my on line account but I think I just need to contact them just to discuss and figure things out...blah!
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  • Fingers crossed.  I know every insurance plan is different but for my last pregnancy I met my out of pocket family maximum prior to Kieran's birth between all my pre-term labor visits and my husband's 2 ER visits for his kidney stones.  I was thankful to not have to even look at Kieran's 6 figure NICU bills except to be thankful my insurance was covering them.
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  • I'm sorry and I feel your frustration. Insurance is just so ridiculous I can't even stand it. I have my insurance and dh's insurance and I still get bills. I bet it's even more frustrating when your experience was terrible. Sorry :(
  • Sorry that you're going to be out the $.  Do you or your DH have the option to enroll in a Flex Spending plan?  If so, you may want to look into that if you're not a part of one already.  It's definitely advantageous for plans that you're stuck paying a percentage or for a deductable. Plus it lowers your taxable income.

    If you want more info...let me know.


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