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Do you have a cleaning person?

Although it would take some sacrifice in other areas of the budget, DH and I are thinking of having someone come do our deep cleaning. We'd probably start with just once a month and see if it's something we want to keep.

We have a 2200 sq ft house. What should I expect to pay? When I polled some former coworkers, it seemed to vary quite a bit. I heard anywhere from $60 to $120 a visit, and all their houses were roughly the same size. They did all use a single person and not a service, and they all lived in the Tuttle/Newcastle area.

If you have recs, send them my way. I'm in Edmond.

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Re: Do you have a cleaning person?

  • I have someone come in every other week to do deeper cleaning than I like to do (she hits my shutters and baseboards, gets cobwebs out of corners, wipes down cabinet fronts and fronts of furniture...along with the other normal cleaning). I love having her because it forces me to maintain my house and not let it get out of control.  I still have to do some light maintenance between her visits, but for the most part it eliminates the time consuming cleaning that no one wants to do.  I also keep on top of my laundry since I know she's going to be coming.

    She charges me $85 to do my downstairs, and she is excellent.  I had a service before I had this individual (and was NOT happy) where they had 3 people come in at once and they charged $87 and were here maybe 2 hours.  The lady that does it now is here from 8am-1pm.

    I would expect to pay anywhere from $65-100 for 2200 square feet...possibly more since you're in Edmond.  I know places like Merry Maids have a minimum of $75...so you might have better luck looking for an individual instead.   

    Also, they'll charge you significantly more if you only want a clean once a month.  If you do it every other week it'll be less (per cleaning).  My lady was $115 if I did once a month. 

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  • Great information, thanks! I didn't think about it being more per cleaning if we do it once a month as opposed to every other week.
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  • I've paid around $150-175 for a deep clean of my 1900 square feet house a few times. Unfortunately I have been disappointed in the quality each time.  

    I would love recommendations for someone who is less expensive and does a better job :). Ideally I would like a monthly person, but would be open to semi weekly. I just haven't been able to find someone that I'd ask back a second time.  

  • I've paid $100 for my 2000 sq ft house. I only used them once because I'm a cheapskate. They did so much better than me in some areas and not so good in others. My mom pays $65 for her 2300 sq ft home, but she lives in the Tri-city area. 

    I wouldn't trust a cleaning service. I know my in-laws have worked for a few, and they are major thieves. If they can be employed with those places, who knows who else they hire. I noticed that care.com has a housekeeper search. 

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  • I've been wanting to get someone to come in and do a deep cleaning twice a month. My MIL has a great lady come into her house. I believe she said that she pays her $50 for 5 hours. I wanted to ask her to come clean ours, but she booked right now.

    Also, I have a question for people who do have a cleaning person. What do you do with your animals? Do you crate them? We let Molly roam the house while we aren't there (she just sleeps all day), but she would be all of the cleaning person (she loves people).

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