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Kindle Paperwhite screen vs traditional e-ink?

Did anybody get a Kindle paperwhite that had an older generation kindle?  How does the screen compare?  I really like my keyboard kindle from 2 years ago but I dropped it & messed up the screen (I posted several months ago about it).  I'm curious about the paperwhite but not sure how the screen compares to e-ink.

Anyone?  Anyone? 

Re: Kindle Paperwhite screen vs traditional e-ink?

  • I have! I had the first generation Kindle with the key board and just got a paperwhite for my birthday. OMG I love it! It has the eink technology so it still has the same feel while reading it just has built in reading light in the frame of the kindle (so its not backlit). The light is adjustable so you can make it as bright or dark as you want and the light is so even its amazing. There is no reading light glare or strain. The only thing I miss about my old Kindle is the keyboard, but I have gotten used to the touch screen and its not to bad.
    DD born 1.25.15

  • So it is basically e-ink with an added light.  Can the light be completely turned off?  Or do you just have to dim it down as low as it goes?  (I just feel like the light would be "wasted" if I was reading during the day.)

    Do you know if the light shortens the battery length?

  • Yes pretty much :) After having for about a week I realized that when you turn the light as far down as it goes the light is still on just barely. I couldn't really tell a difference during to day between my paperwhite and old kindle. I have been pleasently surprised at how well the battery lasts. Even though I leave WiFi on all the time I think the battery lasts about the same as my old kindle. (I never left my 3G on)
    DD born 1.25.15

  • Awesome!  Thanks!!!
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