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Happy Friday!!! Weekend Plans? Raves/Rants?
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Re: *TGIF*

  • Happy Friday! Looking forward to a pretty laid back weekend. Tonight DH and I are going out to dinner and hopefully we'll get a Christmas tree. Tomorrow, we'll watch football and then go to a friend's for a little party. Not sure about Sunday. Rants: this week was crazy at school, and I'm pretty sure I turned in a horrible paper. Raves: loving our new house and almost feel settled.
  • TGIF!!!!!!! I was so relieved to turn my alarm clock off this morning so I can sleep tomorrow! Weekend plans: Going Christmas shopping with Hubby tomorrow. I think it's more just us getting out of town for the day and having a nice lunch together. Amazingly we are pretty much done shopping - whoohoo! Sunday = Football!!! Rants: My job has been super stressful this week. Thought about quitting I think a dozen times this week. Even cried on my moms shoulder at lunch the other day. Raves: Spending the whole weekend with Hubby. No plans - just relaxation and time together = happy marriage!
  • Tonight we're going grocery shopping and relaxing. I might wrap some Christmas presents if I'm motivated enough, haha. Tomorrow is supposed to snow so we might just stay in. If it's not too bad out then H and I will run some errands... he needs to change the oil in his car (fun, lol). And I want to start our Christmas cards. On Sunday, I'm going Christmas shopping with my mom to get the last few gifts we need. We already have most of our presents bought... woohoo! Raves: It's Friday and I have a good cup of coffee in my hands! Also, last night H and I picked up our wedding album and our 20x30 print... looove them! Rants:I'm having a hard time deciding what to get for my best friend (MOH) for X-mas.
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  • Laundry is my main goal this weekend. I also have a lab paper to write for me microbiology.
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  • Weekend Plans: Tonight H and I are going to play pool at FIL's. The pool table is outside and they go to bed at like 5 so they never know lol. Then tomorrow we are going to my dads (about an hour away) for Family Christmas with my dads whole family, it's like my favorite part about Christmas and usually the only time I get to see them this year we got to see them more thank to my wedding. Then Sunday I am going hunting with H and then we will work on Christmas shopping some more. Raves: So happy it's the weekend. I am so over this week. Rants: H and BIL are fighting and I can't truely say this upsets me but I knew it would eventually get to this.
  • Plans: H has to put some mileage on his truck so his engine light turns off and he can get his car inspected tomorrow. So he's taking me out to dinner! There are no "good" chain near where we live so we'll probably head to one of those. Not sure what our plan is for tomorrow. H has to get his car inspected and I'm hoping we'll have a generally lazy day. Sunday I have a lot of housework to do. Raves: TGIF!!! I'm super lame and it was our dog's 2nd bday yesterday so I'm hoping to make him some special treats this weekend. I'm extra lame because I love to cook and I'm excited to try making something for him. Rants: It's been another terrible week at work with a lot of drama! I also had a stomach bug on Wednesday so that wasn't very fun.

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  • Rants: My mom is SO hard to Christmas shop for!!! We're giving her a photo session so we can do a family picture, but I also wanted to get her something in the $30 range to actually open, too... She doesn't really have any hobbies, doesn't like getting bath stuff, never wears any of the jewelry I've gotten her- So stumped!!!

    Raves: It's payday and I'm heading to the mall!!!

    Plans: Today- Mall. Probably staying in tonight.

    Tomorrow: Watching the Alabama/ Georgia game and hoping with all my heart that Georgia wins- Alabama fans are freaking annoying.

    Sometime this weekend: Seeing Hitchcock and going to eat Greek food!!!

  • Weekends Plans: Today we are going out for dinner with my in-laws. Tomorrow we are playing mediator between my brother and his ex girlfriend to give her a chance to see the kids. (at our could be a total train wreck). Then we are going to my Hubby's company christmas party. Rants: So work is throwing a company christmas party.....its only 2 hours long and at a time of day when the most people are at work so can't go. You would think they would do it somewhere at work then so that we could drop in or whatever, but no its at someones house who lives too far away to even have a couple people able to go for a short time, Thanks guys...I'll be working. (Which is fine, I'm newer staff, but I am on shift with a lot of senior staff who are reallly pissed about it.) Raves: First real paycheck (2 full weeks pay) in over 2 years. YAY for having income again!
  • The hubs is coming home tonight after being gone all week for work, so we have lots of sex planned this weekend hahaha!

    We're actually planning on getting our Christmas tree tomorrow and our company's Holiday party is tomorrow night, so that'll be fun to get all gussied up for. Plus the hubs won a free night in a hotel tomorrow night where the Holiday party is being held. Holler for drunken hotel sex!! Woo!! hahaha

  • Weekend plans:

    Tonight...a Dove Chocolate party with my SIL

    Tomorrow...decorating for Christmas and cleaning our house 

    Sunday...our nephew's Christening party a our ILs. It'll be nice to see everyone on that side of the family because we didn't get to on Thanksgiving.

    Raves: So so so happy it's Friday!!

    Rants: Work succcccccccks. Today alone I cried twice. 

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