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How was your weekend?

Good Morning May Nesties! How was everyone's holiday weekend?

H & I hosted our first holiday and it was overall really successful! Some of my new dishes didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, but nothing was burned/inedible/etc. so I'm very grateful for that! MIL & SIL ended up staying over until Saturday, which ended up being a bit much for me. I was so exhausted by the time they left!

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Re: How was your weekend?

  • The board was SO quiet this weekend, all of them were, even the ones that are normally CRAZY were quiet. 

     I didn't get a long weekend, but H and I had a good one. We cleaned his office, and yesterday started decorating for Christmas. Got some lights put up, I kind of plan on doing the rest of it this week and we'll get a tree once we come back from holidays. We do a real tree, and with us going away for a week, there's no point in having one the house when we aren't there to enjoy it! 

     We had a fairly good relaxing weekend! Hope you all enjoyed your holiday with your families! :)  

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  • Hi ladies. Weekend was busy, we got a lot done on the new house and I put a major dent in schoolwork. 
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  • Kushie... did you have to kill MIL?
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  • Hello everyone!  We got back yesterday from visiting MIL in France for 9 days.  It was really, really relaxing.  She lives in a little village without much going on and she has no TV, so we spent our days reading and talking.  We did go to a few towns, and they were all beautiful, and we spent our first two days in Paris which we enjoyed.  On Thanksgiving, MIL made a traditional American Thanksgiving meal, and it was awesome (she is a really, really good cook).  It was very enjoyable, but I'm so glad to be home!  :)
  • Overall was a good weekend. Thanksgiving was great and my mom and I decided to go Black Friday shopping but we went at like 7 am after everyone was pretty much home. H and I put up the Christmas tree and decorated it. I started work on Christmas cards and H and I put a huge dent in our shopping for everyone else. I really had no energy to get back to work this morning.
  • Had a good relaxing long weekend, hung out with family alot,  Saw two movies...Twilight and Silverlining Playbook, which was filmed in around my town. If anyone sees it..the diner they go to is where I use to spend my younger drunk nights and the school they show is actually the big catholic school for our area. 



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  • I had a great long holiday weekend, and I also had a rough time coming in to work this morning.

    We had Thanksgiving lunch at my parents' and dinner at H's grandmother's.  Needless to say, we were stuffed at the end of the day, but it was wonderful seeing our families.

    We did some online shopping on Friday but did not venture out to any stores. And we put up our Christmas tree and decorations :)

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  • @kimberlykh- SO freaking jealous! 

    Thanksgiving is always just the two of us, so I cooked a ton and H ate a ton :) We went out on Friday to get a tree, and ended up doing a little shopping (LOVE Black Friday shopping at 7ish pm) and wound up knocking out most of our shopping list. Spent Sat./ Sun. working on our DIY gifts and cleaning up the yard. Went and saw Argo (finally!) last night and went to a new restaurant (which was a let down). Overall a really nice mini staycation :) 

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    Kushie... did you have to kill MIL?


    Nope she kept her trap shut. 

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  • Had a really quite but somehow busy Thanksgiving.  Cooked our turkey and all the trimmings on Thursday.  Put up the tree and more lights outside (we just can't help ourselves!).  Friday I worked while Hubby went Christmas shopping for himself (interesting how that worked out!).  Saturday just hung out around the house and did some cleaning - then went to another town and watched the Festival of Lights parade.  So pretty and really starts Christmas for us!  Sunday watched a lot of Football, walked the dogs, watched the snow storm, made dinner and called it a perfect day!



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