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Having friends over for dinner

Hey all, I am wanting to invite some friends (possibly 4- 2 married couples) over for dinner this weekend. Basically what happened was I made some ribs a few weeks ago and DH bragged about them so much that our friends all want me to make some for them! I love cooking for others and having people over, so that's not an issue. What IS an issue is that the ingredients are kind of expensive- and there are going to be 6 of us (including 3 guys who could each easily eat a full rack on their own)!! Would it be tacky to ask the other couples to help chip in some cash for the meat? I could get everything else myself, but the meat is pricey. What would you do?

Re: Having friends over for dinner

  • Replied on What's Cooking:

     Yes, tacky to collect money. That being said, sounds like your friends, very nicely, invited themselves over. If that's the case, I would throw it out like this:

     "Hey Guys,

    Understand you're all excited to try my ribs, you should be, and I'm happy to oblige. Price of admission is to bring a dish to pass. Some suggestions would be ...

    Looking forward to the Meal,


  • Re: What would you do?

    Wait until I could afford to host...  I would never, ever, in a million years ask for cash.  :(

    When you can afford to buy the ribs and ingredients etc., which could be 6 months from now, then I would let people bring a dish only if they offer.

    i.e." Can I bring something?" 
    "Sure - could you bring a dessert please?"

    BTW - just because everyone wants to come over and eats your ribs, doesn't mean you have to host them - until you are ready.  You could also turn this into a birthday party for DH type of thing.

    Good Luck!

  • Agreed with everything Wejustwant2 said.  Do not ask for money.  Save until you can afford it, but I don't think you are obligated to host under these circumstances.  I like the idea of waiting for a bday or you could even host a different main and serve the ribs as an appetizer- just cut into a smaller portion.

    Or you could just send them the recipe (which I wouldn't mind either).

  • I'm a little confused on whether you have already invited these folks or not.  If you have, ask them to bring a side.  If you have not, hold off until you can afford it.

  • image TarHeels&Rebels:

    I'm a little confused on whether you have already invited these folks or not.  If you have, ask them to bring a side.  If you have not, hold off until you can afford it.

    About a week ago they asked if we could "get together" soon over some ribs. DH wants them to come over this weekend since we all have work off and haven't seen each other in a while. I get paid Thursday, so I'll technically have the money for everything. I just found out DH already invited one of the couples, so I think we are going to ask everyone to bring sides or drinks.

    Thanks all for your input!

  • Since your having the guests over this weekend, and if you don't feel comfortable requesting compensation for the meat, maybe you could prepare a second main dish.  The second main dish could be super cheap and something that pairs well with ribs.  Tell your guests ahead of time that your preparing ribs and whatever the other dish is. If you decide to go this route, you could maybe get away with buying almost half as many ribs as you would have otherwise.

    Also, if you serve everyone a salad before eating the main course, maybe people won't want as many ribs.  And definitely serve a filling side like big rolls. 

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  • I like the idea of doing two main dishes with smaller portions.  Cheap sides to provide would be mashed potatoes and green beans.  If someone asks what they can bring ask for a dessert or an app.

    ETA: These rosemary mashed potatoes and yams are awesome and pretty darn cheap to make.  You can easily do all the prep even the day before and just add some bake time.

  • You don't need a rack of ribs for each person...I would do 2-3 racks...and maybe some chicken breasts. Ask them to bring something if they ask. They may reciprocate with inviting you over to dinner, and you can bring something there.
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