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Weekend plans?

Not much going on here! Waiting for the OSU game to start, then tonight will be the OU game and dinner at home. Hoping to get some laundry and vacuuming done today too. Planning on a lazy day tomorrow.

What do you have going on this weekend?
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Re: Weekend plans?

  • Went out for a couple of drinks with a friend yesterday and had a lot of fun. 

    Today we slept in and went to the gym. Since then we've taken care of a few errands and I don't know what's on tap for tonight.

    Tomorrow we're going to pumpkinville and and then carving pumpkins with Connor.

    Im headed to California for work this week and I'm not especially looking forward to it.  

  • Went out to eat last night at Half time, watched OSU this morning at a friend's, AAOTH all afternoon today, and I am so tired!!


    I plan on doing NOTHING tomorrow. Except eating. 

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  • This is the first weekend in forever we haven't been working on the house. Today we watched the OU game. I've been making soup for next week and baked a cake for BIL's birthday. Tomorrow is mass, birthday dinner, house cleaning and laundry. 
  • Yesterday we had two friends over (and a dad) to help us install a door into the garage, because before you had to go outside to get in the garage. Lame. It took all day and they still have to finish up the trim today, but the main guy is a total perfectionist and they had to deal with re-routing some electric. They'll be back in about an hour to finish that up. Oh, and another guy came and repaired the drywall in the hallway that we had to take out.

    While they did that, I got a jump start on painting my hallway, which will get finished today when my friends come over to help me. The current color is very blah and blends in with the trim. The new color is still very light but lets the bright white trim stand out. I also have to get started on painting the final four doors for the rest of the house, and we can finally say we have replaced almost every single door in this house.

    I have community band tonight.

    Tomorrow I have off (our fall break went Fri-Mon this year) so I"m going to do some score study for band, practice, and paint doors. I'll also have to go to the grocery since that won't get done today. Just a day of lounging and catching up. 

  • Yesterday, H, SD and I left Edmond around 7am to go to the OSU Homecoming Parade. Even though I loathe parades, it's tradition, since H is from Stillwater and an OSU alum. After the parade, we visited with BIL and SIL and their kids, met up with a few of H's old HS classmates, and were home around 12:30. H met up with a guy in the afternoon who ended up buying my car. We'll sign the paperwork tomorrow, but I'm virtually car-less! We test-drove a Volvo V50 and an Audi A3 yesterday; both very nice cars.

    Today we woke up around 9, had some breakfast, did some hard-core car searching online, discussed options. We've had a flea outbreak, so we're going to try sprinkling the carpets/couches with diatomaceous earth to see if that helps. I *really* hope we get a winter this year, because bugs have been ridiculous. SD has a birthday party to attend at 1:30, and I'm doing one of those trendy painting classes with a friend at 3.

    Oh - I did get an e-copy of '50 Shades of Grey' from the library yesterday. I've sort of side-eyed friends who were reading it, but I must admit I'm curious. :)

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  • I had a few days off, which was nice, and my mom came into town. So we hung out Thursday and Friday. On Saturday we worked on setting up this stupid DVD jukebox I've had for months but hasn't been working. We finally got it done. Yay! Then last night Mom and I went to the OU game. A blast, as always!

    Today she left, and I took a nice, long nap on the couch. Now I'm still on the couch... which is kinda awesome. 

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  • Friday night we went out to eat at Nonna's. It was fantastic!

    Yesterday I cleaned house and DH had to work. We later went to the OU game. We left around the third quarter and went and ate sushi and had some drinks. It wasn't quite M's bedtime and we were paying the babysitter until 10.

    Today MIL and I went to the AOTH. Afterwards I went to the grocery store,came home and made dinner. Right now DH went to Braum's to get me an ice cream. So I will begging out for the rest of the night.  

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