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Help with Puppy

My husband and I adopted a puppy two weeks ago. He is 11 weeks old, not sure of breed but they think toy poodle mix since he is very small (about 2 pounds).   He is doing well for the most part except in one case which I am hoping to get some help with. We have an indoor pen set up for him where we put him when we cannot give him our attention, like cooking dinner. Whenever I am home, the puppy goes crazy, whining and barking, if he is in the pen (or crate which he sleeps in at night when my husband goes to bed without crying). When it is just my husband, he is fine (except right after I leave, then he will whine for a few minutes and calm down). We have tried giving him a special treat or toy, praising and rewarding him when he is quiet but nothing seems to work.  It is so bad that if I come home and my husband is feeding him, he wont eat until I leave the room. He will then cry for a bit and finally eat. Even if my husband is playing with him and he sees me he whines if he can't get to me. My husband is a student so he is home most of the time while I work. The puppy is usually only by himself for  3-4 hours.  Any suggestions?

Re: Help with Puppy

  • I would suggest whenever you leave don't make a big fuss out of it and when you get home don't get him a ton of attention and get him all excited. I know it's hard, but I think it can help. I'm a vet tech with a lot of interest in behavior and have tried this with one of my dogs and it seems to be working over time.  
  • who is doing the training of the puppy you or H?
    DD born 1.25.15

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