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What do you want in a vet?

Things have been a little slow at work this week (small animal/exoctic practice). So I've started a mission of my own which is to make my hospital the best that it can be. Yes, sounds a bit cheesy but I really feel its important to practice the best possible medicine AND keep our clients happy in the process. I think we do a great job, but there is always room for improvement.

So, I ask you ladies:  

 What sets your veterinary hospital apart from all the others? What do you wish was offered? Anything you wish wasn't offered? Does the staff keep you coming back? Or the standard of medicine practiced there? Both?

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Re: What do you want in a vet?

  • For me, it is a matter of liking the actual vet. We went to a practice for 12+ years, started with my first dog. Love my original vet, but unfortunately he was killed in a cycling accident. They had to broadcast the funeral in the church parking lot there were that many people in attendance. Continued with the practice but never really liked any of the new vets they brought in.

    After we lost our first dog, DH could not go back. We were at that time a two practice family since we took our American Bulldog from a friend. His sister worked at the practice and was helping us out since we took him in. I was still taking my lab to the original since it was easier with all of his records there. DH made me switch and I am so happy we did.

    I ADORE our new vet. He is amazing, never makes us feel bad about the treatment options we choose and always goes with the most financial reasonable options first then re-evaluates if it isn't working. Our bulldog tore his CCL, with his size, there are no guarantees any of our options (there were 3 surgical options) would work. He was quite willing and even encourage us to use Conservative Management. We are almost a year out and he is doing well. Our lab is 13 and he is willing to work with us at anytime, even by phone since taking Murphy in is a huge event, to manage his arthiritis.

    The staff is great too. So nice and friendly. Always greeting you and asking about the dogs.

    So, after this novel, it is more about the treatment of me as an owner than offering me every new and improved option in the vet world. We are lucky that we have a huge specialty vet clinic nearby and other vets that are making huge inroads that if we needed a referral or specialty care, our vet is willing to refer us.

  • I really like my vet.  They have day hour and on some days during the week evening hours.  I knew we loved our vet when another neighborhood dog attacked my dog and son while he was walking him.  My dog protected my son from the other dog.  And my vet saw us right away.

    I also like they the staff and our vet supports our choice to cook our our dog food and makes diet recommendations based on that.  For instance, we were feeding ground turkey with rice and brocoli but the vet said to try ground turkey w/ sweet potatoes and kale since the rice wasn't as digestable and brocoli made him gasey.


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  • We like our vet. He is constantly doing continuing education and bringing new ideas into the practice. He gives a lot back to the community. He never once suggested rehoming when one of our cats had a litter box issue (and yes, I have had a vet suggest that. He was not our vet for long.)  We've had a ton of litter box issues with Penny, and he was determined to figure out what was going on, no matter what. And he did. He incorporates holistic options when he can.

    He isn't really as open as I wish he were to good food for the pets, but he leaves us alone about it. He respects what we feed and why we feed it, but he's not going to sell it in the practice anytime soon. The aforementioned vet that talked about rehoming for a litter box issue--yeah, he also said it was "stupid" to feed our cats grain free food, and "unnecessary" to worry about what was in the dog food--that Pedigree was just fine. I don't miss him. 

    Mostly I think it's knowing that the whole practice really cares about our pets. We also board the dogs there when we don't have anyone to house sit, and the whole staff just loves on them the whole time they're there. 

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  • I love my vet. 

     In terms of the staff:

    I appreciate that they take the time to not only give me my options but also explain the "why" behind them.  There is nothing worse in my opinion than a vet talking in medical school terms. 

    I also think that they are very good at getting suggestions across without seeming like they are attacking  my pet ownership abilities.  I had a vet tell me that Molly needed to loose 2-3 lbs but in the process offended me by saying "well, a lot of people don't understand their dog is fat and, having a corgi, they are already predisposed".  She wasn't fat but it wouldn't hurt her to slim down a bit more....Needless to say I never went there again.

    They have one day a week where they are open late for people who work until 5:00 and can't get home before the 5:30 closing time. 

    With the office:

    I like that they have seperate areas for dogs and cats.  They also have seperaters in between chairs so dogs can't see each other.   

  • I love our vet because of the follow ups they do on the non-routine visits. They make several phone calls in the days following an illness, just to make sure our pets are getting better and that no new issues pop up.

     The vet we go to offers boarding, grooming, day care, and, of course, veterinary services. All of the staff are extremely nice and professional. We know that our pets are very well taken care of while they are there. Not to mention, they love the staff there as well! They treat all pets there like they were one of the family. 

  • Thanks for all of your responses! :)

    I have a lot of things to commend our office on and a couple of ideas to take to staff meetings. Love all the input!

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  • I liked our vet immediately when I saw him interact with our new pup for the first time, genuine, nice, authoritative when necessary. The entire staff at the clinic is wonderful, flexible hours, reasonable prices for procedures and shots, takes time to answer questions, and the way they support local animal shelters. Our vet does a free first exam for any new adopted pets for all of the area shelters!!
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