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The rabbits are leaving tomorrow :(

I have tried everything possible to keep the rabbits despite Luke's allergy. I thought they were fine in the sunroom where I can keep Luke away from them. But apparently there was just enough coming back with me into the house to continue a reaction.

I told myself I will just keep it the way it is unless the doctors say he needs surgery again, then I just can not do it. He had a CT scan and his sinuses are pretty full again. The ENT specialist (that we have been sent to by our regular ENT) said that he wants to watch it, but if he continues needing Antibiotics, he will need more surgery. 

Well, it hasn't been a week since that call and last night he was put back on Antibiotics because of another Sinus Infection. Both, the ENT and his Ped. have urged me to not keep the rabbits. 


A few days ago I bought a large chicken coop with run to keep them outside instead. I thought that might work. My poor husband has been dealing with it all, he is not a pet person, yet he let me spend all this money and built this coop with me. 

Melody, the Giant is VERY active and I have been having problems with her digging like crazy and pooping and peeing everywhere if she doesnt like something.. and she always finds something she doesnt like. 

Yesterday morning I watched her as she tried all she could to dig apart a shelf to get into the corner of the room.. she was going crazy. That was the moment when I realized I can not put her into the large coop outside. It is just not big enough, she will go ballistic. 

I found a place that takes in Giants. She has a farm and keeps them free range. I am positive, that this is exactly what she needs. 

BUT ... her and Harry are bonded. You should never take apart bonded rabbits. I will have to keep him with her... its either that or give him to someone else. 

I am not 100% sure about the free range for him but I also know that taking them apart will be bad. So I have to do what I think is the smartest decision and I think it is to leave them together at the farm. 

I can deal with Melody leaving.. I love her but I haven't had her long enough to form a tight bond yet. Harry on the other side ... It is breaking my heart. 

I told the kids earlier and we all just sat there and sobbed. This is killing me. But I can not allow my child to go under the knife again because I am too attached to my pets. This is killing me Crying


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Re: The rabbits are leaving tomorrow :(

  • can you visit them?
  • I'm so sorry.  As a PP suggested, maybe you can still go visit them every once in a while?
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  • I'm so sorry, how heartbreaking!!

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  • I'm so, so sorry.  Can't even imagine how hard this must be for you.
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  • Crying That really sucks but I think you exhausted all your options and you did what you had to do. Hugs!
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  • Yes, I can go visit them. They are in White Marsh. Right now I am trying to figure out though if it would be good to take the boys to see them or if it would just make it harder for them. I might just go on my own. 

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  • I hope you will reconsider taking them to live a life outside.  Rabbits really don't belong outside and they will be unhappy:-(  They are perfect prey for snakes, hawks, fox, dogs--many things can hurt them.  Including plants that are poisonous.  Also, giants are particularly susceptible to heat extremes.  I would try to place them into a rescue like Luna's House ( or House Rabbit Society (  They screen applicants very carefully so they will find wonderful homes for Harry and Molly where they will be part of a loving family. 
  • Glittergal, I did a lot of research before making my decision and went to check the place out. I feel very good about it. The area that the rabbits are in does not have any poisonous plants, I saw the Giants that were there and they were all healthy and happy. They get to dig to their heart desire. In summer they will dig holes and rest in them during the heat of the day, in winter they have heated blankets in the barn. The lady is out there working all day long and inside the barn she has a radio playing to frighten other animals away. She also has the entire farm fenced in but its a huge area!  I know they will be happy. But that doesn't change the fact that I am heartbroken to not have them anymore.

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  • I saw your FB posts and I am so sorry. 
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