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Weekend Plans

What's everyone up to this weekend?

Re: Weekend Plans

  • Tonight: Horses

    Tomorrow: Jazzercise, Gracie's swimming appointment, waiting for new furniture to be delivered, tv shopping and having friends over for an 80s movie night

    Sunday: Jazzercise, having a picnic in the park with one of my friends and our dogs

  • Friday: Work, grocery store, dinner at home

    Saturday: Grocery store, laundry, maybe going to BIL & SIL's for dinner

    Sunday: No plans

    I really want to start packing up our kitchen but we still don't have a start date on our remodel yet so it still could be a couple weeks. And if I pack stuff up then I don't even know where to put it!!


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  • tonight - pizza and movie night w/ DD - DH just texted me that he's going to watch the O's game w/ his friend.  there may be approximately 4 episodes of Mad Men watched after DD goes to bed!

    Tomorrow - DD's friend's bday party in the afternoon.  We were supposed to go to dinner @ Woodberry Kitchen for DH's birthday tomorrow night, but that's been canceled b/c my FIL isn't feeling well so we'll do the dinner another time that we can enjoy it.  I am sad to cancel.

    Sunday - brunch for my parents 50th anniversary and then MADONNA concert w/ my BFF!  I'm super psyched, but I am not super psyched about getting up for work the next morning. 

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  • Friday: working 12pm - 11:30pm

    Saturday: gym, then errands with DH (Amish market, TJ's, Costco) then cooking some yummy food and relaxing.

    Sunday: coffee date with DH, swimming at the gym, cleaning, laundry, etc. 


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  • Fri - Gym, picking my car up from the shop, doing some paperwork, relaxing at home since DH has a gig.

    Sat - volunteering, picking up vacuum from shop, lunch with DH at Sticky Rice, walking around Fells for a bit after, some errands, trying out our new grill for dinner.

    Sun - cleaning, laundry, dog baths/nail trims, cleaning out basement, relaxing.

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  • Tonight - Catching up on tv shows and trying to finish a knitting project.

    Saturday - Yard sale/co-op stuff in the am. Not sure about the afternoon

    Sunday - Errands in the am, book club in the afternoon.

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  • image gracie2762:

    Tomorrow:  having friends over for an 80s movie night

    Gracie- That sounds like so much fun!!!

    Today: work til 4:30, then grocery store, then a relaxing night at home.

    Saturday: My friend and I are roadtripping to Greensboro, NC to see OAR and Carbon Leaf!! So excited!

    Sunday: Drive home from NC, stop for some yummy BBQ and then laundry when I get home.

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  • Tonight - Shopping and errands.

    Tomorrow - Dog club picnic and meeting.

    Sunday - No big plans.

    Have a great weekend!

    My sweet boy
  • Tonight: working, at a winery tho, so I can at least drink on the job ;-)

    Sat: training run downtown, chores, hopefully mani, then wedding in the evening

    Sun: packing, hopefully taking foster cat to new home, then flying to Nashville for work and rocking my Ravens jersey in the hotel bar!

  • Today: Took Liam to his cardiologist appointment, which took forEVER. We're home and snuggling now, leaving in an hour to pick up Mia from the bus stop then heading over to our friends' house for Family Fun Night.

    Saturday & Sunday: No plans! The past two weeks have been insanity, so I'm looking forward to some downtime with my family. We'll probably run some errands, take Mia out to ride her bike, maybe get sushi with friends, but it's all up in the air. I'm good with it.  

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  • Kathryn- yay for the Madonna concert! I'm super jealous :)

    Today- went to stroller striders with my moms group and then went to lunch with all the babies. Hanging out at home with DH tonight.

    Saturday- thinking about going for a drive if the weather is nice. We used to do that a lot before DD was born so it will be nice to get back into it.

    Sunday- relaxing during the day, cleaning, laundry etc. We have friends coming over for game night once DD is in bed.  


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