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Did anyone watch the Weeds series finale? (possible spoilers)

Re: Did anyone watch the Weeds series finale? (possible spoilers)

  • I did! Silas' wife was a total B. Silas is ok with Nancy, Silas made all his money AND was doing something he loved (that wifey was living off of too) because Nancy got them into the business, etc. She did screw up royally all the time, but all that was over by the time the g/f and Silas got back together.

    I'm sad Andy and Nancy didn't end up together. I really thought they would, though in hindsight it's better they didn't b/c she never would have realized how much she relied on him otherwise, and would have always been waiting for something else to come along.

    Glad Nancy's sister was gone by then, b/c she cray.

    Loved the last two min. Great ending, warm and fuzzy Big Smile

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  • Yeah, Silas' wife annoyed me. I don't understand why she had to be so bitter towards Nancy for that long. I was really glad Silas turned out okay but on the other hand I was upset that Shane turned out so bad. I'm surprised Stevie turned out okay for only being raised by Nancy.

    I was really sad that Andy stayed away from the family so long but I'm happy that he went out and got his own life. I think Nancy just used him and a relationship with them never would've worked out. 

    I felt like it moved really fast and I had to rewind it to catch everything. Like when they said Lenny died I had to google who Lenny was. Best line: "Did you hear Dean's daughter has a d*ck now?" "Yeah, he did my drywall." I wish they had brought Celia back for at least the last episode. She was one of my favorites.

    I really liked how they went into the future and brought closure to everything. Overall I thought it was a good way to end it but I will really miss the series.

  • I kinda had a feeling from the get-to that Silas would turn out ok and Shane wouldn't. Shane always seemed like more of a loose cannon.

    Def don't think Nancy/Andy would have worked out, but it was still sad after all that unrequited love on his part.

    That was a good line, I lol'd at that when he said it. Andy/Celia were the best characters. I liked Gillermo (sp?) too, and was glad to see him again.

    I always like when shows show the future at the end. Six Feet Under did it best though. That was by far and away the best series finale I ever saw. One of the best series at all really.

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  • IMO, the show went down hill after they left the beach house where Lenny lived and they should have cut their losses a long time ago.  I would have been content with them ending it last season when Nancy got shot even.  Totally disapointed that they ended it by fast fowarding in to the future.  I was actually hoping that in the very end, Nancy was going to wake up and it was all a dream.  That would have been more believable to me then the way they ended it.  


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