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  • image kort2885:

    I knew something was weird about "Nate". For some reason I'm glad it wasn't Paige.

    I'm still not convinced Toby is part of the A team. I'm wondering if maybe he "joined" to get answers. Like maybe he's undercover or something. He yelled at Spencer in a previous episode this season for hiding things from him and said he would just go find out for himself. Plus I highly doubt it was him in that red coat visiting Mona at the end of the season 2 finale. I seriously hope that's the case because I think I will cry if he is actually A!

    I'm curious to see what happens with the Ezra storyline with him having a son. Of course he's gonna find out and be pissed at Aria for not telling him.

    And I was screaming at the tv when Caleb put the gun down in the lighthouse. I knew he was gonna get shot.

    Any other thoughts?

    totally agree with everything you said.  well, i wouldn't have cared if paige was one of the "bad guys," but other than that, i agree with everything :)

    nate was annoying and weird from day one, so i'm not surprised he is indeed cray cray.

    i don't think (and am hoping) toby isn't truly a part of team A.  hopefully, he's just pretending for purposes of obtaining inside information.


  • Yes, I have heard this before about Toby.  It was a good twist for "A" because I was totally not expecting it.  Spencer was "sleeping with the enemy" ahhhh how awful!!  I can't wait for the Halloween episode! Are you going to buy the series? I wonder if it will be just as good the second time you watch it.  

     Also, what happened to everyones hair in Season 3, did they get a different hair dresser or something?  lol Season 1 and 2 they were soo cute, and in 3 everyone chopped their hair off...(took extensions out).  But they are still really cute! Even Tobys hair was really poofy in some scenes! haha  

     I love Caleb and Hannah together!   Mona plays a really good crazy girl lol!  and im glad Nate died he was just annoying!  

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