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Men In Black III

Anyone see it?  I loved it and thought the young Agent K did great. 

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Re: Men In Black III

  • We saw it today and really liked it. I was kind of surprised I liked it as much as I did because I wasn't a big fan of the second one.

    Josh Brolin was awesome as young K and his Tommy Lee Jones impersonation was spot on.

  • We saw it today as well and it was pretty good :) The ending was more touching than I thought an MIB movie would be.
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  • Loved it! Thought it was true to the MIB legacy and I also thought young K did a great job.
  • Unlike most of you, I'd give it a C+, B- at best.

    I realize that certain things from the "franchise" couldn't be replaced or continued like Zed or Frank (in MIB2 did Frank die?), but I didn't think they kept enough of the "fun" from the first two.  Those little alien dudes and the Tony Shalub character weren't in this one enough.  It just felt like it was missing something, mostly a lot of the comedy.

    However, I did think Josh Brolin did a great job as K.

  • image sunnytrin62:
    We saw it today as well and it was pretty good :) The ending was more touching than I thought an MIB movie would be.


    it was really great :) 

  • I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard some great things! I'm really happy to hear you liked it! I can't wait to see it and Mr. Smith :)
  • I am entertainment lover specially for watching movies, watched so many but Man in black 3 is mine favorite of all that i have watched so far. I watched it first day first show with my friends, enjoyed it a lot.


  • We enjoyed it To-The-Max! Each of the 3 movies has been different enough in concept storyline that they happily stand alone, or hang out together as humorous, serious, scifi fantasy with a bit of love interest too. What a paradoxical monster mash of fun, folks. And the subtle one-liners; gotta get the DVD ASAP & rewatch. It's a sad person indeed who can't/won't/didn't get the mostest out of this brilliant entertainment time machine MIB III. Thanks to all who did the hard yards to bring Will, Tommy, Josh, Emma, Jemaine to our Sunshine Coast big screen!
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