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Horrible in law's?

Does anyone here have any horrible in laws? Or ines you can't stand? 

I do if I could ever get my hands on BIL I think I would seriously hurt him. So all this with MIL really put a sour taste in my mouth reguarding him and how he treated H. Well now we have all this paperwork for MIL we need to fill out and send in. BIL has been freaking out about it all and pressuring H well now that we have everything ready he won't come over to sign stuff or even call H back. 

Also MIL had a cat that we have been trying to find a home for. All shelters are full and no one wants her. I'm allergic to cats so we can't take her and BIL has a cat and a dog already so no big deal. We finally found some where for the cat to go but H and I can't take her because it's in the next city over and we don't have an address for there. BIL lives there in fact he lives like 5 miles from the place and he keeps saying he doesn't have time to take them and neither does SIL because their work schedule doesn't match the peoples schedule. But right now the cat is still at MIL's and we need to turn off the utilities and they are just refusing to help us basically.

Ugh it's all so annoying! I just needed to vent! Please tell me I'm not the only one with an annoying in law? 

Re: Horrible in law's?

  • I'm sorry you are dealing with this.  I don't understand what the problem or laziness is on the part of your BIL.  Sounds like he is ALWAYS this way.  I remember you saying similar things about BIL and SIL when it came to helping with your MIL.  Any chance that these people would come and pick up the cat for you?  I know we did when we adopted both of our labs.  We were happy to go pick them up and I am wondering if you just asked them if they would.

    Sorry...but for the most part my "in's" are pretty great.  I have moments when I don't always understand why his family does the things they do, but I think that is just a general thing.

  • That is so incredibly annoying! I am so sorry they are being so difficult, you are not really asking for much.
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  • I'm so sorry he's being so hard to deal with... That can be really frustrating :/

    My FIL (who has only been H's stepfather for maybe 8 or so years) is super difficult to be around. He's the most immature man I've ever met in my life- Unless he's pontificating to a crowd with all eyes on him, he's off pouting in a corner (and usually drinking way too much). Unless he's the center of attention, he acts like he's having a terrible time. He always has to be right. He clearly thinks my MIL is an idiot. He's bigoted. He's racist. Our political ideas are VERY different, and he is always trying to start something about it. He skipped our RD and most of our wedding because he was in the hospital the Thursday before because he was so dehydrated from drinking.

    He's just not a very nice guy and I HATE it when I have to spend time with him.

    On the other hand, I LOVE the rest of my in laws- Couldn't ask for better. I just try to take the good and ignore the bad.

  • One of my in laws is a piece of work.  I'd have to write a novel to explain it...but just know that I commiserate =]
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