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silverware Q

Do you know and appreciate the differences between a teaspoon vs. a tablespoon when eating/setting the table?  And for forks - dinner vs. luncheon forks?

Does your husband know and appreciate the differences?

It drives me INSANE when DH empties the dishwasher and will just put the spoons into any old spot - I'm like DUUUUDE there are 2 kinds of spoons!!!  And, when he's eating/setting the table, he'll just grab whatever. 

Is this just me and my crazy mother/how I was raised?? 


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Re: silverware Q

  • Normally we only use the big forks for all meals and small forks for dessert. DH really likes the big spoons for everything, feeding himself , serving food, etc. I prefer the little spoons to feed myself. I would be really annoyed if he just threw all the spoons into one pile. I like things neat and orderly. Smile

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  • We keep them all separated, each type has it's place in the organizer.  I know the difference between them all, and what/when they should be used, but I don't really follow it, most of the time I just grab the first one I see.  I'm pretty sure DH doesn't know why they are different sizes, but his OCD would prevent him from mixing them up in the drawer when he empties the dishwasher.
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  • We have four different drawers for silverware and utensils and we have 2 different silverware sets (old and new). He constantly puts them back in the wrong place and it drives me nuts.
  • Ummmm no it is NOT just you. This drives me nuts. DH is always freaking out about the house being "a mess" yet his solution is to just hide everything in closets and drawers with no rhyme or reason whatsoever. As long as you can't see it, its not a mess. Then I go crazy trying to find a piece of tupperware and he has it sitting in the cabinet with the bowls.....omg.

    And I don't think he really notices the difference between teaspoons, table spoons etc. Heck, he thinks nothing of eating a bowl of cereal out of a big glass mixing bowl and serving know, the big one that comes in the set that barely fits in your mouth.

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  • We keep them all separated. Almost always, we use dinner forks for dinner, salad forks for salad, etc. If I'm just grabbing a bowl of cereal I may grab either size spoon depending on what I feel like. And I often use salad forks for DS's food. Not that he uses them, but I use them to prepare/serve his food. He's small so I use a small fork?! That's my crazy logic, lol.

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  • we keep them all separate but rarely discriminate their use.
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