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I welcome flames into this post! (dog-related and LONG)


Re: I welcome flames into this post! (dog-related and LONG)

  • Thank you for all of your feedback...reading through some of the last responses, I feel sick to my stomach even thinking about putting Freddie down.  I mean literally.  I could puke.

    I love this dog, I just do not love (AT ALL) what he has done to me, and what I know he has the capability to do to others.  But to euthanize him would destroy me, and I can't even imagine what Jeff would think/do/say if I brought this up to him - we have both formed a bond with Freddie that I'm certain he hasn't had with any of his previous owners.  And Rex.  OMG, they are buddies.  Rex will seriously be so sad and lonely without a dog to follow his every move, although Freddie did attack Rex a few weeks ago (I had to break up a fight between them, that was fun), so maybe it's still for the best...

    I have emailed the woman (Angelika) I got Freddie from (she was the one who posted on Craigslist who was finding a home for his last owner - the 83 year old lady who "didn't have time for him"), so I'll see what she wants to do.  To be fair to her, she didn't know much about the dog when she was finding a home for him, she just had him in her care for about two weeks while she was interviewing families to take him.  She had NO idea about the aggression issues, and if she had, I'm certain that she wouldn't have tried to place him in a home where she knew the couple was trying to have kids.  Angelika has been more than helpful in the last few months, even paying for a holistic trainer to see Freddie several times (at $130 a pop), and PROFUSELY apologizing for the bites and agressiveness when they happen.  Who knows, maybe she will take Freddie in...the only reason she didn't is because she already has 4 dogs.

    I'll keep you all posted on what Jeff and I decide to do.  Thanks again for all of your suggestions/feedback/etc.

  • Oh, Kerry, I am so sorry.  I know what you mean about being sick to your stomach with the idea of putting Freddie down.  I was in a similar situation with Reese and it was awful.  I just meant that if he ever hurts anyone else, well, that would be hard to handle, too...  Again, I am so so sorry.
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  • Poor Angelika too.  I can only imagine how she's feeling too.  Someone said that you and Jeff had been lied to about Freddie's history, which is where I'd gotten that from.  I'm sorry if I made a mistake on stating that again when it isn't true.  I'm sure the trainers will provide you the best and honest advise. 
  • This whole thing is a mess.  :(  The one I'm really worried about is Rex, and Rex picking up any bad habits from Freddie.

    Have you started contacting rescues yet?

    A big old middle finger to you, stupid Nest.
  • image pixy_stix:

    This whole thing is a mess.  :(  The one I'm really worried about is Rex, and Rex picking up any bad habits from Freddie.

    Have you started contacting rescues yet?

    I don't think Rexy has picked up any bad habits, and now that I think about it, he's never really around when Freddie attacks/bites me - he would FREAK if he saw someone hurting me.

    We haven't started contacting anyone - this just happened on Thursday, and we got in from out-of-state last night.  I can't be on the internet during the day at work, but Jeff plans on doing some research tomorrow, and we hope to have some leads by the end of next week...

  • Good luck with it all!  You can always email me too.
    A big old middle finger to you, stupid Nest.
  • Maybe call the program that gives dogs to prisoners to train?  I think it is supposed to be a rehab process for the dogs (who have been bounced from shelter to shelter and might have issues similar to Freddie's) and for the prisoners because they receive unconditional love and learn a skill.  It would be a guaranteed single gender environment away from other dogs, so it might be good for Freddie and prove that he is safe in XYZ environment? 
  • I'm sorry you're having to go through this Kerry, I can't imagine how torn you must feel about all this. It sounds like it's probably for the best to find a new home for Freddie, it would be way too scary having him around BoGo when they get here. (And ouch, your arm looks painful!) Lots of hugs to you!
  • Oh Kerry, I am so sorry. I can tell it hasn't been an easy decision for you, but it sounds like it's the right one.
  • Kerry, I am so sorry.  (((hugs)))
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  • No flames here.  You've done everything you could do.  I'm sorry :(


  • I am so sorry you are going through this.
  • No flames here, just big hugs.  I had to make a similar decision with a cat I rescued who despite animal behaviorists, prozac, holistic stuff, EVERYTHING -- he was still totally aggressive to my older cat and would constantly attack him (finally calmed his aggression towards people).  I managed to rehome him but again, he wasn't aggressive to people.  I hate to say it but pixy and the others might have a point.  If nothing you have done can help the dog, it might be the only answer.  The trainer at Lone Tree Vet has been very helpful to us in training Rosie and he might have some ideas of rescues or options.  GL to you!!!

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  • I'm sorry you are having to make this decision, Kerry.  It sounds like you have done all you can to help Freddie.
  • No flames.

    When push comes to shove humans trump animals in my book.

    And it sounds like push has come to shove.

    And....  there's no way in hell you can have him around the babies.

    You've gotta do what's best for your family.

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  • Since I just emailed you my huge, dumb story, I'll just send you . . .


  • I'm sorry it didn't work out - I am sure you will find him a great new home.
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  • I am so sorry you are going through this Kerry!  {{Hugs}}
  • I can't imagine how you are feeling - what an awful decision to face considering you love your pets so much and have tried every alternative. That bite is dreadful!

    GL finding the best solution for you & the dog.



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