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Teachers - Christmas question

What are some good gift ideas for a teacher's aide? My aide is awesome, but I'm having a hard time thinking of anything. She is also 8 weeks pregnant.

 Also, who do you buy Christmas gifts for at your school? I'm overwhelmed with thinking I have to buy something for everyone, that's a lot of people! What kinds of things have you given to those you buy for in the past?

Re: Teachers - Christmas question

  • If she is your aide specifically, you might think about a restaurant gift card for her. Or maybe a gift card to the movies???

    When I worked in a school, I didn't buy gifts for everyone and hardly any of the teachers did either. One teacher made those cookies in a jar things with all of the dry ingredients packed into jars for the people in the office and teachers she was closest to. So that might be an option.??


  • Yeah, she is just my aide.. :) They rarely go out to eat, so that actually would be a nice gift.

    My fear is that I won't buy any gifts for other teachers and then everyone gives me a gift... ack. That's when you feel bad, especially when you're the new teacher on campus haha

  • Make a bunch of cookies and put them in a cute little tin or bowl. It is not that expensive and is nice. You put the thought and time into it...
  • I would buy the aide a gift card. 

     As for who I buy gifts for, on my team we draw names & get whoever we draw a gift with a price limit of $30.  It eliminates having to buy everyone a gift.  Other than that, I get all of my kids a gift certificate to Scholastic (I have 3rd graders), so they can choose a book of their own out of a book order.  When it arrives later I write a little note on the inside cover of their book.  Also, I usually buy them some candy, winter-y pencils, and I put it all in a holiday cup (Wal-Mart usually has them like 4/$1, wrap it up with celophane & call it a day.

  • I bet she would really like a gift card to the movies or a restaurant.  I buy a small something ($10ish) for my team members & that's it.  I think this year I'm going to get some silver crosses from Sam Moon Luggage.  In the past, I got them personalized notepads from www.vistaprint.com.

    For my kids, I order personalized pencils from www.forteachersonly.com and throw in some candy (gasp!) or popcorn & maybe a book or something schoolish.  We have a "holiday exchange" for the kids where they each decorate a white sack & then give a little gift to each student that last week of school.  They've made cards, notes, pencils, small party favors, etc.  They all enjoy opening their sacks during our party.


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  • I always bake Christmas cookies or peppermint bark and package them in festive bags or boxes.  I give these to my closest 10-12 coworkers.  I usually make cookies for my students.

    I agree, a giftcard would be great for your aide.  If you are worried about not including all of the teachers, just a simple Christmas card should do.  I know I'm always appreciative of cards!

  • Hi Samantha! ?I have aides that work just for me and I get them a gift card to a restaurant or chocolate (things I know they'll like). ?Your relationship with your aide is different than with other teachers, so no one is going to be offended if you just get her something. ?As much as they do for us and for what little they get, I want them to know that I appreciate them (as I do!) ?Honestly, I've spent more between $20-30 for them each because they really are my backbone and life support at school. ?I couldn't do what I do without them, so I do make an effort to get them each a nice gift.

    I'd bake cookies or something for your teacher buddies. ?I'm gonna do a happy hour at my house the day we get out of school and invite my buddies over for some snacks and free booze. ?That generally goes over well with teachers! ?:-)?

    ?2 of the 3 schools I've worked at does a Secret Santa gift exchange. ?Do you know if your school does that? ?That also helps lessen the stress of getting stuff for everyone. ?Really, don't worry about getting stuff for other teachers. ?We all know how much money we make! ?Ha!?

    ?How are things going with the new job??

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  • I always make sure to give the office people and others who make my life easier a little something. This year I'm giving them each something that cost only about five dollars but will make them each feel appreciated. I think often they are the ones forgotten.
  • We always did a name draw and exchange just among our 1st grade team, and had a little dinner deal at one of our houses. I would get cards and make some cookies for a few others I was close with. My team would also pitch in a few $ each and get something for the prinicipal, vp, secretary and janitor. We didn't have aides, so I didn't have to do that. But I know the teachers that did got them something. You work with her more closely than the others, so I'd get her something like a restaurant gc. You could do something baby related, since she's pregnant, but you might want to save that until she is farther along (since you'll prob want to get her something then too of course).
  • Thanks for all the great advice and suggestions!


  • If you are worried that someone will get you something and not having something for them, make some cookies or candy and wrap them in some small cute way and have extras with no name on them.  You can always pull one of the extras out for a return gift.   Other things I have given:  ornament, votive candles, cute post it notes, notepads, calendars (they have them at Target for $1.00 at the front of the store), little bread loaves, etc. 
  • Also--little soaps.  For the extra, "just in case" presents, get things you like so if you don't need them, you can use them yourself.
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