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Camden's First Haircut and Santa...


Here's Camden getting his first haircut. Had I known it was going to be so traumatic, I probably would have waited or tried myself. He screamed the entire time she had the buzzer going... I mean, red in the face, tears streaming, boogers flying, type of screaming. When she finally brought out the comb and scissors to work on the top he slowly calmed down. This was taken at the end. Now the front is spiked up like Daddy's hair.. so cute! It came out great.

I wish I could post a Santa pic, but my child felt as though Santa was "stranger danger" and began screaming hysterically. So I only bought some for our memories and passed on the CD.

He's now sleeping... probably dreaming of all the bad things Mommy put him through today haha.


Re: Camden's First Haircut and Santa...

  • Awww... he's so cute! Looks like a little toddler now!
  • LOL so cute! he looks like such a big boy!?

    i think that was a bonus starting mason's hair cuts young, he's never cried during a cut and now that daddy does his hair every 2 weeks he does really really well!

    I can't wait to go get pictures with Santa! I secretly hope Mason screams, makes for better pictures! :-D

    Last night Mason was watching a rerun of little einsteins before bed (which he LOVES) and apparently the unicorn one was a bit scary for him (he acted a little concerned during hte episode) because he didn't want to go to sleep after that! He cried and cried, I ended up rocking him to sleep (which i havent done in MONTHS and MONTHS) so i guess its only sesame street before bedtime now! lol?

    Gavin & April married 6.26.04
  • Thanks Robin!

    Poor Mason! I'm scared of some of those creatures too Stick out tongue

  • Nathan's first haircut was a bit dramatic as well! He was only 6 months old for his first christmas and last year I knew he wouldn't do the Santa thing so we might try this year!
  • He is just precious!  He looks so grown up in that picture.  :)
  • SO adorable! Too bad he had such a traumatic experience. Sad His hair looks really cute though! I bet it was a an overwhelming day between the haircut and the trip to see Santa! Hopefully, he took a nap and forgot all about it!
  • Oh my gosh, he is so cute!  I can't believe how big he has gotten.
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