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Wedding "Basket" Gift Ideas

Hello Ladies! I have a friend getting married at the end of the month and she is always complimenting me on my cooking/baking skills. I have told her I would teach her a few tricks and some simple recipes. 

I want to get her a few fun goodies  into a baking gift basket. Her registry already shows she has measuring cups/spoons and cookie sheets. I was thinking a good mixing bowl, spatula, and maybe even cookie essentials: flour, sugar, vanilla, etc.

Do you ladies have any other ideas as far as a baking gift set or some sort of cooking gift set that would be fun for a newlywed?

TIA! :) 

Re: Wedding "Basket" Gift Ideas

  • From a logistics standpoint, I would not do flour and sugar- that's heavy.  I would do a good vanilla.  Maybe get a nice shaker and fill it with cinnamon and sugar. 

    Is there a particular recipe she compliments that uses an oddball tool?  I'm thinking how spritz cookies need a press, or a cake that needs a bundt pan/springform.

  • How about some of your recipes in the basket? I agree with PP about oddball tools, I don't know why I thought a cookie scoop was a waste until I used one!
  • Great ideas ladies! Thanks! I agree about the cookie scoop! Plus, you get more cookies out of the batch that way! And I thought about putting some of my favorite recipes in the basket as well.

    How would you put them in there? Would you make copies of the recipes from cookbooks, print them off of a website, or would you write the recipes on index cards? 

    TIA! :) 

  • I'd look for a recipe book you can put cards in.  Then also get some recipe cards, write out the ones you want and put the extras in the basket as well.

  • WingitWingit member

    I'm waiting for someone to get married to move into a new home to do this!


     There are lots of ideas and I think it would go great with your gift ideas you have so far.

  • My DH mentioned a "cooking lessons coupon book". I really like this concept, but need some ideas of things to put into the booklet. Ideas ladies?

    Thanks for all of your help so far! :) 

  • The first things I thought of were cookie-cutters and dark chocolate chips!

    ..but I bake like a 5 year old, lol. (:

    Some other suggestions: a cute apron, cookie-decor such as sprinkles, an oven timer, oven mitts, or maybe even coupons for cookie ingredients instead of adding them in there.

    White Knot
  • At my best friends shower I saw the cutest idea and I'll do it for the next housewarming or bridal shower. Someone got her containers and filled them with household things you dont think about. The biggest had cookbooks and recipe cards, and the smallest had rubber bands and paper clips. She added dish towels, small bowl things idk what they are called for holding ingredients or sauces, she had all sorts of things, it was so cool and I hadn't seen anything like it before. I'm not sure how much she spent but I'm sure you could adapt it, maybe put a recipe card and ingredients (only dry of course) in each container.
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