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I went to Hillsboro Outlet Midnight Madness last night

And it was actually very pleasant!

We live in Crowley, so it's only 35 minutes or so from our house with no traffic or lowered speed limits ;)

The stores opened at 11pm and with a coupon from the paper, we got a $10 GC at the mall offices to be used anyplace we wanted. They also printed some coupons but I didn't end up using any.

It's the busiest I've EVER seen Hillsboro, that's for sure, but parking - even right next to the stores - was plentiful and I never stood in line for more than 2 minutes. The longest lines I saw were inside Children's Place, Gymboree, and Carters, which isn't surprising. The police were out in full force, wandering the stores, driving the lots. Even saw a couple people getting arrested, I assume for shoplifting. We felt VERY safe. They also had a DJ in the parking lot giving away stuff and playing music.

They don't have much there anymore but the stores they do have were offering fairly good sales and we marked off 4 people from the list so it was worth the drive. I do much better late at night then in the morning, and I hate crowds, so it was fun. We met up with some friends also down there and had "breakfast" at IHOP at 2:30 a.m. before heading home. Got home at 4am - passed by Best Buy, Kohls, and Penneys on the way home and the lines were nuts - I was thankful to be heading to bed and not getting out of bed to go stand in them!

Anyhoo. I'd never thought to go until a colleague said it's their annual shopping trip. It's a fun exp if you're a night person anyways and could find anything at the stores they have. I hope by next year DH will be employed and I can buy more stuff for ME. Gap had some great deals but I resisted the urge.

(I have to say it was a little surprising to see so many families there with small children - one family was having Whataburger for dinner, I guess? at the picnic table. As a kid, I would have loved to be shopping and having dinner at 2am but I don't know many kids that can handle the middle of the night adventures!)

Re: I went to Hillsboro Outlet Midnight Madness last night

  • hmm... we went to Hillsbore Outlet last year and found pretty good deals.

    This year we went to Allen, they opened at 10 p.m last night. It was out of control. The Coach store had the longest line. We are thinking of heading out there again on Monday when everyone returns to work. They have so many choices ( stotes), much better than Hillsboro.


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