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Pet Insurance?

On the FAQ page the link is not clicky and I read back about 5 pages and did not see anything so I hope asking this question isn't a bother. 

We just adopted a female Weimeraner from a friend of a friend who could no longer care for her and we are in love with her and want to make sure we consider all possible scenarios. Is this really worth the money? Do any of you have it or do you just follow the " Put money away for the what if's every month" school of thought? 

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Re: Pet Insurance?

  • Sometimes you can get pet insurance for a great low rate through your car insurance company instead of a stand alone. I personally am in the "store money" category right now with my (young) pets, but considering their breed types I definitely will get insurance for them as they get a bit older and the likelihood of chronic medical care is needed.

    That being said my SILs 1 year old cat developed a massive health issue requiring a $4000 vet bill, she didn't have insurance so it had to be out of pocket and she had to really pull all the financial strings to make that happen. I suppose just look at the statistics, your bank account, and your options and make a decision from there. You may also want to call around to local vets and see who offers payment plans and who doesn't, as it could be that your insuring for a problem that may not really be one. 

  • I would also do research to find out what type of disorders/diseases that breed is more likely to get.  A lot of times insurance wont cover something that is typical of a breed.  I have a shepherd mix and I was told by two companies they won't cover anything related to hip dysplasia and sure enough before she was a year old she had it along with arthritis and muscle atrophy.  I keep money in a savings for them because there is a lot insurance won't cover and even if you do get it, there will still be co payments and prescription costs just like with human insurance.  If you live in an area with a Kroger I know they offer it but I am not sure on the cost.  Also, some employers also offer it as a payroll deduction now in addition to your regular deductions.
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  • I'm more of a put away money type of girl; I also think you might want to join a discount program like Pet Assure or United Pet Care; personally I use Pet Assure. I don't even have pet insurance.
  • My dogs are still really young, so I haven't had to look into insurance, and honestly don't know much about it at all. I know if you are near a banfield pet hospital though, they have pet wellness plans that have a few different levels and provide different services, and discounts on the ones that aren't covered. My dogs are on the essential wellness plan, and it covers all their shots, and unlimited office visits. And the next step up covers dental cleanings, and the next covers x-rays, and even EKGs. So that might be something to look into.

    Good luck!

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