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tell me about k9 advantix..

Frontline has completely stopped working on my dogs and fleas are getting even worse since the weather is getting hotter. I've been thinking about trying k9 advantix but don't know anyone who personally use it. Do you like it? Any side effects? Thanks.

Re: tell me about k9 advantix..

  • Believe it or not, fleas and ticks are becomming immune to the control medicine that is on the market now. It is no wonder that Frontline has stopped working. There is something new that I have used on my dogs that is stronger, but it is a little risky. It's called Pro Heart.

    It costs the same as using Advantage Multi and is a 6 month shot. It works to repel both fleas and ticks where some only repel one or the other. When the drug first hit the market, it wasn't safe. They have since made corrections and it is now used more widely and is not as dangerous as before, but there are more risks associate with it over using a topical solution.

    I used it on my dogs because they were both very healthy and only a year old at the time. If your dog is older or in poor health, you may really want to consult your vet before using it. I don't mean to paint it like it is a terrible drug, it is just newer and should be used with caution. If you still want to try a topical solution, I do recommend Advantage Multi. It is one of the better ones on the market and is working for my one dog who Pro Heart did not work for.

  • Frontline just does fleas.


    k9 Advantix does fleas and ticks.  IF you do not have a tick problem (I don't know where you live) you don't need the tick product.  But if you want the tick coverage I think this product works well in most areas of the country

    Advantage multi is a topical that does fleas and heartworms (no ticks)

    Advantage does just fleas 

    Comfortis is a pill that does just fleas  

    ProHeart is heartworm preventative it is NOT flea and tick preventative.  If that is all you have been using on your dog kaykay then you are just lucky.


    DD born 1.25.15

  • Frontline does work on ticks as well, however I also found that it became next to useless. So I switched to advantix and saw a noticeable difference in how many ticks I pulled off my dog.

    I would give it a try, the only downside is you cannot use it if you have cats, its poisonous to them, otherwise it's worth giving a shot. 

  • Frontline and Frontline Plus kills fleas and ticks. We used to use K9 Advantix, but I switched so I could get the Frontline at Costco and not have to order it online. Frontline didn't work for us last year at all for fleas so we are now on the monthly pill for fleas- similar to Comfortis.

    But I still need something for tick control, haven't figured out what to use yet.

    This is a helpful comparison chart for some meds:

  • I live in KY and we use Advantix and both my dogs get ticks on them anyway.  I am convinced nothing works anymore.

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
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