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WIJFR: The Poisonwood Bible NS

I loved this book so much from the first word to the last.  This is my first Kingsolver novel and if all of her writing is like this, I'm going to devour it all.

The characters are so distinct and you never have to double-check at the beginning of the chapter to see who is narrating.  I think the character of Adah is my favorite.  I enjoyed seeing her mature throughout the story and the way her mind worked for each action.

I'm not a religious person but the idea of religion is fascinating to me so it was interesting to see how it was used throughout the book. 

Also, the book is really a character study.  If you don't like character driven books, it isn't for you.  I put it in the same category as Grapes of Wrath and 100 Years of Solitude.  It takes some warming up but watching it blossom is worth it.  I read this for my IRL book club discussion tonight and I can't wait.


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Re: WIJFR: The Poisonwood Bible NS

  • I LOOOOOOOVED this book. I read it a long time ago but it has totally stuck with me.

    Glad you loved it! 

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  • Jen748Jen748 member
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    I read this years and years ago with my mom and we both really enjoyed it!
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  • I've owned this book since 2006, and have never read it!  I should bump it up my list!
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  • EliStarEliStar member
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    Hmm, this is one of those books I've been meaning to read forever. I should probably do that because it sounds like I would love it! 

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  • After reading this book and Molokai, I realized that I just do not like books that span a character's entire life. I always thought I preferred character-driven books, and I like I do, but within a time period, not a whole lifetime.I was very frustrated reading this book because it was just TOO LONG with these characters.

    That said, I find myself thinking about this book quite often. The writing was awesome, and it has obviously stuck with me in a big way.

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  • glad you liked it! I think I've read it a dozen times or more, every time I do I appreciate it differently. I loved Adah's character, but I think Orleanna is my current favorite.

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