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We adopted a beautiful rescue lab almost 3 months ago.  We love her and are doing the obedience training with her daily (we go to weekly classes).  Anyway, she is settling in nicely.  Before we adopted, we had planned a summer trip to Disney and will be gone for a week.  We plan to board her at a place we boarded our previous dog (deceased).  It is a great place.  However, this dog lived in a shelter and I am nervous that she will think we sent her back to a shelter.  I was thinking of boarding her for one night soon so she will see that we will come back for her.  Does this sound like a good idea or will she just adjust to the week stay.  She is such a good dog.  Our other dog was a rescue but never lived in a shelter so we never really had to worry about this.  TIA


Re: boarding

  • I'm really curious what other dog owners think on this, as well. We just adopted our first dog (also from a shelter) about 2 months ago, and our summer getaway is planned for two weeks from now.

    I use a combo doggie daycare / boarding place. I've been taking her to daycare once a week almost since we got her for socialization / energy release, but also to get her used to this place and used to the idea that we'll always come back for her, like you said.

  • It's a good idea to drop her off for a day or a night and have the staff tell you how she did.  I boarded my dog at a place that allowed us to drop her off for a free day of doggy day care so that they could see how she interacted with other dogs and how she reacted to being put in a kennel.  She did great!  (she is a rescue too).

    If your dog likes to play with other dogs, then it shouldn't be a problem.  My other dog isn't friendly with other dogs and prefers the company of me and my hubby. So we haven't been able to put him in boarding.

    If the boarding place won't work, lots of dog walkers offer dog sitting services where they either come to your house a few times a day or they take your dog to their house.  It's usually more expensive, but it's a better fit for some dogs.

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  • I have a male lab and male to poodle. The poodle was abused before I got him. I've had both dogs for 6-7 years and we always take them to Petsmart, Man's Best Friend, or our local vet for boarding. Petsmart and Man's Best Friend have one on one doggie daycare or group doggie daycare depending on your dog's needs. Call them up for availability and ask if these are options for your precious pup. My dogs took some time to warm up to the new location, but taking them back to the same location rather than alternating is helpful since they are used to the place and will eventually become comfortable with the same people interactions. It helps to take a toy or blanket that they are comfortable with that reminds them of home. The dog might be scared, but she will be super happy when you come back to pick her up. :)
  • Thanks for the replies and great tips.  I will use them and make sure she is ok.  Thank you.


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