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Very sick kitty

My husband and I adopted two kittens from a shelter in our town. Well the shelter turned out to really not be on their toes I know URI can happen in shelters they also got the age of the kitten and gender incorrect so I feel like perhaps she had been left sitting sick for a bit. I did get her to the vet he diagnosed the URI and gave us antiboitics. Once I started her on the antibiotics she became completely uninterested in food and water. I have not seen her eat or drink in 24 hours. She is 2 months old I have tried water, dry food, wet food, kitten milk, tuna, tuna water any suggestions or anything we can do to help her. She will be going to the vet in the morning but she is so tiny I want to get something in her tonight
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Re: Very sick kitty

  • PurrBoxPurrBox member
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    Oh, I'm so sorry!  Poor baby.  Sad  I can't think of anything else that would help if all of the things you listed above didn't work.  I guess just leave some of those things out over night in case she changes her mind.  Hopefully the vet can tell you what's wrong with her and get her feeling better soon.  Good luck!!!!

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  • We decided to have my husband take her to the emergency vet since I'm on bed rest. I hope they have answers for us. I'd leave the stuff out but the other kitten will eat it and I'm trying to keep them in the same room since I am treating them both for URI. The shelter was so rude to me when I called to warn them how sick my kitten was so her litter mates could get checked out that they still had


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  • jasarahjasarah member
    Oh no!  Poor sick baby.  :(  Hurry up and get better, kitty!  Keep us posted!
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  • Chicken baby food is like kitty crack, make sure it is garlic free bc some are allergic.  We also give lysine to all our foster kittens to help boost their immune systems
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  • I have some foster kittens who are not eating well right now so I am force feeding them kitten formula with a syringe (minus the needle).  It's bad once they stop eating and become disinterested in food.
  • Well Stormy is now eating it took 2 rounds of iv fluids, being nebulized and upgrading from clavomax to  orbax. Now to combat her earmites with another medicine. Despite everything she remains the sweetest love bug around seriously I started crying when she ate I was so happy silly pregnancy hormones.
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