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New around these woods

I see some familiar faces around here, but this is my first post to this board. I'm a newly married lady (25 days) and figured it was about time to check y'all out.

I'm not sure if there is a format for this, so I guess I'll just wing it. I've lived in Austin most of my life and met my DH in HS. Yup...but we separated after graduation and it took a few years for us to find one another again. I work dt Austin for the City of Austin and I really enjoy my work...most of the time. :) I also enjoy reading, running, and knitting. My current obsessions are the Twilight series (I know, I should hang my head in shame, but I won'tWink) and knitting socks

Re: New around these woods

  • There's quite a few Twilight fans around here...but I've never heard of it!

    Welcome and congrats on the wedding :)

  • Coolguc!!!


    Fellow Knottie/Twilight hoor here!  We can puffy heart EC together.

    Also as a welcome present for you.... hop on over to the TTC Six Months or More board.  All Twilight, All the Time!

    <---------- Its on that side of the screen

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  • Welcome to the "dark" side! Congrats on the wedding!
  • welcome and congrats!
  • welcome to the other side!
    Dear Bump: You suck.
  • welcome to the dark side!!!  Wink  These ladies rock!
    Bobo says smile!!!!

  • Hey!  How was your wedding?  I haven't been on the knot side too much.  I got wedding overload when mine was over.
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  • Congratulations on your wedding and welcome to the Austin nest board!
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  • Welcome! It's great to see you over here. Big Smile

    There are a lot of us Twilight fans over here, so you'll be right at home. 

  • Congratulations and welcome!
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  • Welcome over!
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  • Welcome.
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  • I'm taking a short break from book 3 to check the boards. Started reading the series a week and half ago -  I'm obsessed too. Welcome!
  • Yaay! Welcome!  Congrats on your marriage...and becoming a nestie! 
  • Thank you all! For those who asked, the wedding was fine...ish. Still dealing with a few things. Man, I have some major burn out from that. I just finished book three, and will be buying the last one today. It's taking me a bit longer to read them, but I'm also knitting socks at the moment, and unforch you can only do one of these things at a time.
  • Hey coolguac! Congrats on your wedding
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