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Post your funniest (or most horrific) TG disaster story!

So I hosted TG for the first time 2 years ago. I wanted to brine my bird, and figured a roasting bag would do just as well as a brining bag, and I found the roasting bag at the dollar store so I didn't have to buy a $12 plastic bag at Williams Sonoma.

So the night before (and this is like at midnight, b/c we did all the prep work for everything before) I'm loading up the bag -I put in my turkey, peppercorns, salt, sugar, spices, and fill it up with water. I fasten the zip tie, lift it up to put in a big bowl... and the bag bursts! My sister and I were standing there in the kitchen, a flood of sugary, salty, peppercorny water everywhere, I have a broken plastic bag in my hand and a 16-lb turkey sitting on the floor.

So we mopped everything up, washed down the cabinets and walls, threw our soaking wet poultry wet clothes in the wash, rinsed off the turkey, and no one was the wiser.....

Re: Post your funniest (or most horrific) TG disaster story!

  • LOL

    We haven't had anything too bad happen. When my sister was 3 (I was 5) she put a kernel of corn up her nose during T-day dinner. My parents couldn't get it out and had to spend several hours in a crowded ER to get it removed.

  • Northing too horrible here, but for a while we were doing T-Day at the Rose Bowl Riders (my aunt and uncle were very into it).  We could ride the horses and play-it was perfect.  I was about 12 and was drinking a lot of soda-yummy!  and was riding around on the horses.  Well, as soon as I got off----I peed all over.  I was wearing over-alls and it showed, nothing I could do to hide it.  I was old enough that my mom did not bring a change of clothes for me.  :(

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