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wow...wouldn't you know it? *vent(ish)*

We're hosting Thanksgiving this year and it's been one strange thing after another. It's just silly and instead of being upset about it, I'm actually laughing.

  1. Last night I stayed up until 3 am "Pre-cleaning" before the cleaning lady came today. LOL.
  2. Then DH woke me at 6:30 to tell me that the microwave is broken, completely unfixable. He was heating water for his tea when he heard an explosion and turned to see sparks. There wasn't anything metal in there, it just blew, caught fire, and melted the inside. Oh did I mention that our stove is broken?
  3. Then my mom calls to tell me her oven is on the fritz and her landlord can't have anyone there til Friday. Can she come over early and make her turkey and sides here? Sure mom!
  4. I ran out and did all my shopping in the rain and even picked up our rental chairs.
  5. DH just called to ask what time my mom is coming over and I tell him 10am. "Oh good!" he says. He's picking his parents and g-parents up at the train station at 9:45am. Great, so  my plan for having people come over at 1:30-2pm is totally shot and I lost my morning to prep. So it looks like I'll be up late again tonight so I can get things done in time.

Today's saving grace? The cleaning lady just left and I'm thrilled with how the house looks. It was a nice "treat" for me, since I've never had anyone come in before. It was well worth EVERY penny...and I just make it a more regular occurence.

Re: wow...wouldn't you know it? *vent(ish)*

  • wow, it sounds like you have your hands full! Be sure to pour yourself a glass of wine and laugh at it all... or maybe a shot of brandy with your pie...

    I'm hoping the rain holds off... we do Thanksgiving out on our covered patio b/c the house is too small to cram in 16 people and tables and chairs... omg. Imagine balancing the good china on your lap!

  • Ai!  So how are you cooking if the stoves are broken?

    Sorry - hang in there!  XOXOXO

  • Indifferent Oh yah, we're doing the same thing....dinner on the patio. Eeeeek. more than 5 peopl in our house and it gets totally crowded. Gotta love old '50s tract homes. 830 sq feet of nothing. lol. I can't wait to move to our new place next summer 1550 square feet of open floor plan. Ahhhh.....
  • image Mia&Dan:

    Ai!  So how are you cooking if the stoves are broken?

    I have [really good]crockpot recipes for stuffing and mashed potatoes, and the veggies will be cooked in the steamer. It's potluck too, so we'll see what the other folks bring!

  • Wow that sucks! I'm sure everything will come together. It must be stressful!

    If you want to run out and get a microwave. Target has a decent size one for $55. I just bought one this morning. I think the sale is only through today. When I went to Target (Balboa and SF Mission) this morning they still had some in the back. GL!

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  • OMG!  We have a stove and microwave you can use....lol.  You can use our house too!  We are going to my moms and to Matt's parent's friends, so no cleaning here for me!
  • Isn't having a cleaning lady wonderful!?!?!?!  My mom gave me one for 3 months at my Baby shower.  Since, I was suppose to be on bedrest until about now and couldn't do much.  Well The lady came 3 weeks ago and it was so amazing.  She's coming again next week and I can't wait!!!

    Good luck tomorrow.  I'm sure it will all turn out fine!  Make sure you have a glass of wine handy.  LOL

  • oh my Nicole!!

    sounds like you'll be busy busy. 

    that cracks me  up though you stayed up to clean for the cleaning lady...really.. hahahahaha

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