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Were Tamra and Brianna wearing the same dress?   Did anyone mention it?


Re: RHOC ?

  • I thought the SAME thing and nobody brought it up.  The flagpole comment made me laugh.  Heather seems to be pretty quick.  I like her.  Tamra looked the best she has in a loooooong time.  I like her with the small boobs.  Vicki kind of looked like a washed up prom queen.  Her jewelry looked like it was from Claires.

    Brooks is creepy.  The way he was talking to Tamra and Michael eeewwwwww.  I did think Brianni was being disrespectful, but I don't really blame her.

  • I think they were wearing the same dress. And in a couple of the scenes it looked like Brianna was trying to conceal the dress because she would stand partway behind someone so you could see her head and shoulders but not the whole dress. In a room with those women I can't believe no one said anything.

    So, I figured out why Brooks has such a long nose. It grew like Pinocchio from all the bullshiit he talks. I dont blame Brianna for acting like that towards him. Hes a creep

  • Brooks is such a creep, I don't get what Vicki sees in him. She must just love the attention. I can see why Briana felt uncomfortable.
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  • Brianna mentioned it quickly to Tamra when they hugged after the announcement.  She said, "Nice dress" or something to that effect and that was it. 

    Brooks is creepy.   

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