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SER: Evites for rehearsal dinners - WDYT clicky

DH's cousin is getting married and her mom (AIL) just sent out an evite for the rehearsal dinner.  MIL immediately texted me aghast that she had done so.  This is sort of par for the course for spacey AIL who wouldn't even realize there's possibly an issue with an evite for an RD, so I wasn't surprised and shrugged it off.  WDYT?

FWIW, the RD is a catered dinner with live music and fireworks outdoors at AIL's house in the country - sort of the rustic chic thing you see on Pinterest all the time.


Re: SER: Evites for rehearsal dinners - WDYT clicky

  • I've only seen invites for an RD one time so I said the evite was okay. 

  • I would much prefer a paper invite but given the setting of the party I think its, eh okay.  think its much more important that the correct etiquette is followed for who is invited to the RD.

    I will say the fireworks sound disastrous though, but because I've had a bad experience.  My H has always done fireworks at our parties and I was always weary of them, and low and behold he sustained a VERY bad head trauma from one.  There is no way I would risk home fireworks right before a wedding!

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  • I wouldn't send one personally, but wouldn't be upset if I got one.
  • Hi Dear!  How are you?  You know how I much prefer paper invites... but in this case I think it is OK... and if I received one for an event like that would def' be happy I was invited. 

    (The party sounds like fun BTW :)


  • I sent evites for my RD back in October, and no one seemed to mind.  Of course, for every other RD I've been to in my family, invite has been through word of mouth, so this was a step up.  Especially considering the backyard-chic thing they have going on, I think it's perfectly OK.
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  • noooooo!  i voted TACKY.
  • I prefer paper invitations but don't mind evites. I think those who are really opposed to evites are among the population that aren't computer savvy. Take my mother for example, she never goes on her PC...thinks it's too complicated...she totally miss an evite. Maybe that's part of the issue here? 

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  • I love sending and receiving paper invites, but I don't think they are a necessity for a rehearsal dinner.  In fact, I cannot recall ever receiving an actual invitation for a rehearsal dinner.  It's always been verbal, or through a group email.

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  • Team Evite.  Save paper, save money, save time.  I don't care what the invite for a RD I'm going to looks like, it's not like I'm going to frame it in my house.
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