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Super frustrated with running

I've been recovering from a calf injury and today was my first double digit run in 5 weeks. I've been sloooowly adding miles, doing a run walk. My leg is finally feeling good, but now it seems that I have lost all of my aerobic capacity. I have asthma, but I have not felt this out of breath (like gasping for air, can't fill my lungs) while running, like ever. I've been using the inhaler before a run, and now I'm carrying it with me, but man, this is so frustrating. 

I can come up with a million reasons why my run wasn't great today, I had a migraine form Thursday through last night, so I didn't eat great (or much at all), started my period today, it was warm, it was a challenging course (uphill), etc. But my legs still felt strong, I just couldn't seem to breathe.

I've been biking riding, walking, jogging, yoga, weights, but am I just really that out of running shape? Am I going to need to start from square one?  I have a half in 3 weeks, and now I'm really scared about it. Sorry about the super negative vent.  


Re: Super frustrated with running

  • I took six weeks off rom a calf injury (i did other non running activities in the meantime).  It was extremely frustrating not to be outside running so i totally feel your pain.  It took me about a week to week and a half to be back up to speed and that was running about four days per week.  You will get there.  Try not to be too hard on yourself.  Good luck on your half.  
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  • I'm a short distance runner and just have to say that I commend you for being able to run any distance in the double digits. I admire anyone who has the stamina to do that. Don't beat yourself up, you'll get there!
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