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We want a puppy!

DH and I have decided we want a puppy. We want to get a smaller one right now. We would like to adopt, but I don't even know where to begin. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to adopt a puppy? TIA!

Re: We want a puppy!

  • www.petfinder.com

    They list dogs from area shelters and rescues.  On the left just enter the criteria (dog, around what zip code, size, age) and it will show you the results.

    We got our beagle from the Oklahoma Beagle Rescue (www.okbr.org). 

    There are also a couple locations of Free to Live (they are a no-kill shelter).  I don't know if they have a website or not.

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  • Check out "Free to Live" in Edmond. I love them! When this baby comes I'm going to start volunteering up there. They are a no kill shelter.


  • I would go to a local pound...those are the animals that are put to sleep if no one adopts them. Although I guess if you don't finad anything there you could always try one of the non-profit shelters...Second Chance in Norman is a good one too.
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  • I agree you should look at Petfinder because there are SO many dogs. You're sure to find one. Otherwise, I agree that Second Chance in Norman is great (I got my dog from there about four years ago), along with Free To Live and Pets & People. Otherwise, Petfinder has lists of breed rescues, so if you're looking for a specific breed you can go through one of those rescues as well.

     Good luck, and have fun! I love hearing that people are planning on adopting a dog. :) It makes me happy. I'm a huge supporter of adopting shelter dogs.

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  • I agree with Petfinder...  A lot of local shelters and rescue groups list their dogs on there.  If you are looking for a particular breed or a full blooded something or other there are a ton of rescue groups for specific dogs.  LEt me know if I can help! 
  • Yay! Rescue/shelter dogs are the way to go.  And these days, unfortunately, the shelters are full to the brim due to the economic downturn.  We have pugs and belong to the Pug Meetup. 

    There was a post on our board this week about a sweet 1 year old female named Bella who needs to be adopted because her owner died.


    She was spayed last week, got all of her vaccinations and is on heartworm medicine.

    If you are interested please email Missy at [email protected]

    Tell her Lori Wright from the Tulsa Pug Party MeetUp Board sent you.

    Pugs are awesome housepets...they live to be with people and cuddle.  They can have their issues too (like shedding) but I highly recommend them for folks who want a smaller/toy dog that isn't yippy or skittish.  They do require their nails trimmed every 10-14 days, wrinkles cleaned daily, as well as the other grooming that toy dogs require (anal gland expression can be necessary in smaller dogs).  You can certainly learn to do all of it or take them to the neighborhood groomers to get it done (wrinkles are easy to clean at home with unscented baby wipes or a wash cloth with mild soap and water).  We adore our two and could not imagine life without them!

    Here is the local Pug Rescue Group, called Homeward Bound, in OK City.  They have many furbabies available for adoption: http://www.homewardboundpugs.com/available.html

    Just a warning...once you see their little faces and read their stories you'll want ALL of them!  We adopted a senior resuce pug, Sophie, several years back from the local Pug Rescue in NorCal.  Sophie was 14 when we got her and she stayed with us just a year before she passed.  But she was the sweetest, most loving girl.  We were happy to have been able to treat her like a princess at the end of her life after she had suffered years of neglect.  That year was as amazing for us as it was for her.

    FWIW, pugs can live 20 years if they're well cared for and they are spunky and puppy like until they are about 4 years old.  They slow down after that, but just a bit, they're still silly and cuddly.  The upside of getting a pug that's over a year old is you won't have to suffer through the potty training and destructive phase.  Our Luigi is nearly 1 year old and he's got the potty training down, but the chewing/destructive stuff still happens now and again.  After about 16 months it calms down considerably.  We got him at 8 weeks and it was a real challenge for the first several months.  He potty trained faster than our girl did, but his chewing and destroying things is probably worse than she was at that age. 

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