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Bachelorette Party Game Ideas?

Hey ladies, anyone have any Bachelorette party games that aren't too risque? I know most Bach parties are usually supposed to be a little naughty but, I need some clever game ideas that maybe focus a little less on the male body parts. The Bride doesn't want to go too wild and crazy. The only games we're doing is one where all the bridesmaids buy her a pair of really sexy or really Granny undies and she has to guess who bought them. And the other was a Bride and Groom trivia type of game. So.. we're in desperate need of some game ideas.The party is just a sleepover, we're just ordering takeout, making signature cocktails and hanging out so, we figure we need some fun games to keep us entertained. Any clever ideas would be great! Thanks!!

Re: Bachelorette Party Game Ideas?

  • This is not specifically wedding related, but catchphrase is a game we always have fun with! No set up and doesn't require people to know each other. You can easily turn it into a drinking game, too:)
  • Oh,and bachelorette/bridal pictionary could be really fun! Have everyone put words in and then play with those words. (or you could make up the words so less people know what the words are) 


  • I was also going to suggest just some games that weren't bachelorette-y.  I did a quick amazon search and they had a "kiss the stud" game (like pin the tail on the donkey). 

    They also had this.  I don't know how raunchy it is, but you could edit it.


    Lastly, this book looks funy and you might be able to make something of it.


  • Thank you those are brilliant ideas!!! Especially the pictionary one. Never would have thought of that!
  • And thanks for the links, they were extremely helpful!!
  • I saw one where the host had the husband to be write about 15-20 things he loved about his soon to be wife on little slips of paper. The host then took those strips of paper and put one or a few strips in balloons. The bride to be then popped all of them and read them out loud. I wish I had had that game at mine.

    At mine, we only did wedding bingo, and the tray game (where I walked around with a tray of like 10 or 15 items, and then everyone had to answer questions about what I was wearing, or just random things about me), and they were just okay. 

     ETA: Oh! And we did the toilet paper wedding dress thing. That was a good one. 

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  • I'm hosting a lingerie shower for a girlfriend who doesnt really want riskque. We are playing pin the lips on the bride (I printed a poster at walmart of a picture of her and her fiancee-same day pick up for like $10, then printed some lips on printer paper)..

     I also sent her fiance several questions about them or her and we are playing like a "who knows the bride best?" game...

     Then, we are going to play a game where teams make wedding dresses out of toilet paper to be judged by the bride to be.

    At my own bachelorette fling, the girls played a game where they put articles of clothing in a duffle bag and blindfolded me. I had to attempt to "dress myself in the dark"

    **hope those ideas helped ;) **

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