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Ideas for a combined bachelor/bachelorette party?

My BIL and his fiance want to have their party combined and we're hosting it at our house on May 5th. It's going to be a cookout but I want to make it fun for them. I'm having a hard time thinking of good ideas to incorporate so it doesn't seem like just any other party. I'm pretty good on the menu, appetizers, drinks, etc.

Decorating has gone the route of a fruit theme? Kind of like a luau I guess? 

So really I'm trying to think if there are any little games or something that could be fun for both the men and women? Or if we should do a separate little game/activity with just the ladies since I don't know how interested the guys would be in that sort of thing. The only thing I saw so far that I thought could be ok is printing out a form for people to fill out that includes their 'recipe for love' / marriage advice, which they can read together later. Some would be serious and I know some would just be ridiculous and funny. But, is that a good idea, or a possible way to make them mad?!! 

Re: Ideas for a combined bachelor/bachelorette party?

  • Since it is Cinco de Mayo, what about a pinata?  After the alcohol has been flowing for a while, and with blindfolds, it could be really funny.
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  • This seems weird to me, like more of a shower than a bachelorette party. The whole idea of a bachelor and bachelorette party is to have "one last night out" with your guy or girl friends as a single person. 
  • haha a pinata would be pretty funny.

    Yeah, I thought it a bit weird also, but it's what they want. I searched for ideas and supposedly it's not that uncommon now? 

  • At my girlfriend's wedding, her and her husband sat back-to-back, and had to answer questions from the maid of honor.  The bride had one of her shoes in one hand, and one of her husband's shoes in the other hand (and the same with him).  The questions were something like "who makes the bigger mess..?" and they would each hold up a shoe at the same time (his shoe if it was him, or her shoe if it was her).  Since they were sitting back-to-back, they couldn't see how the other person was responding.  They asked some great questions, and the whole thing was pretty hysterical.  I could see it working equally as well at a combined bach party after everyone has had a few drinks.  If there are other couples there, you could play with them too to make it more interactive.  The iSpy photo games can also be fun so long as you get creative.  You could make it more risque as it is a bach party.  You can order cheap disposable camers online from the various wedding websites. 

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  • The question and Ispy games both sound really fun! Great ideas! Thanks!
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