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Bachelorette party...menu ok?

Hey ladies!  I am planning a party for my sister.  About 30 women are attending.  Everyone is meeting at my house for food/drinks/games/gifts.  Then we are all loading up on a bus and going to the casino/70s and 80's dance club.  The bus is taking us back to my house that night and we are having a slumber party.

Here is the menu.  Do you think I need to change anything up.  We can bring food and drinks on the bus, its more like a tour bus with a booth and a kitchen in it.  When should I serve which item and should I add anything?

Chocolate fondue with strawberries, pineapple, pretzels, marsh mallows, vanilla wafers

Crab Ragoon Dip

Pool side dip

Bacon wrapped water chestnuts

Ham and cheese sliders

Veggie tray with ranch dip

Stuffed mushrooms

Drinks -

Fish bowl drink - her color is carribean blue, so I thought it would be cute to make a big batch of this



Re: Bachelorette party...menu ok?

  • Welcome :)

    Are you intending for this to be dinner, or is everyone meeting up late enough that they should have eaten at home?


  • My concern is along with Tarheels.  If it's later and you won't be in the home for too long before going out I think you'll be fine. 

    I would recommend waterbottles for the coach and maybe some chips, pretzels, and popcorn.

  • I think it looks great! It looks like plenty of different items for dinner and snacks, I'd just be sure to have enough if you plan on drinking a lot (I'm sure you already thought of that!). I'd assume everyone is going back to your house since you're loading a bus together, so I'd be sure to have either leftovers or new snacks for the way home from the casino (on the bus) and at your house. The water bottles on the bus is a great idea, too. This sounds like a lot of fun!!!

    ETA: duh, sorry, I just realized you have everyone sleeping over. I'd definitely have something for when you get home for the night! so fun!!

  • What are your breakfast plans?


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  • The party starts at 7 and we will be leaving the house around 9.  I just thought about the water bottles this morning.  My mom and aunt are making the breakfast so I'm not even worrying about that.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Hhhmmmmmm, 7 isn't really dinner, but it's still kind of early since you'll be out all night.  I'd save one of the dips for when you get back and have some other sweet thing to go with it (cookies or brownies).  Then I'd add something starchy for before.  Some sort of potato or pasta so if people didn't eat dinner they could make dinner. 
  • I actually think your menu is perfect
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