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Best Place in OK to raise kids

according to this Business Week Article:




Nearest city: Oklahoma City
Population: 89,304
Median household income: $47,988

Lawton is 90 miles from Oklahoma City in the southwest part of the state, and just north of the Fort Sill Army post. The area has 22,400 acres of wildlife habitat and many lakes that are good for fishing and boating.

Midwest City
Broken Arrow

Re: Best Place in OK to raise kids

  • I can't stop laughing.  I am sure that people would tell me different, but everything I have ever heard about Lawton is that it is one of the more scary places in Oklahoma.  I can agree with their stats about lakes and wildlife habitat, but that isn't what makes a town a good place to raise children to me.
  • I'm raising three in MWC....and can't WAIT to get out of here.  Sorry if that offends MWCites, but I have not seen much in "family friendly" atmosphere here!  I'd love what the qualifications were for this!!! :)
  • I have experience in both Lawton and Midwest City. I spent 9 years of my childhood in Lawton and couldn't wait to get out of there! There are so many gangs and fights. The year I left they had to put metal detectors in the schools!

    Midwest City isn't too bad. If you go north of Reno it gets really bad. Same for if you go more towards Del City.

  • There was a post about this on ouinsider a few weeks ago - I wonder if the people that determined that Lawton was the "best place" to raise a family actually visited there?????  There are so many great towns in OK...I am ashamed of the article......(no offense to people from Lawton)
  • I live in Lawton and was a little surprised that we got such a high ranking. However, Lawton had improved quite a bit over the years. There's a lot more going on in the community, and I'm glad to have some positive exposure versus all the negative publicity we tend to get. I pretty much grew up here and moved back with my husband after law school to be closer to family. One of the things we've said is that Lawton is a hard town for a young couple to live in because there's not a whole lot of excitement but it would be good for a family because it's a slower pace of life with most of the amenities of a city - it's still got a bit of local, small town charm where you will inevitably run into people you know when you're out and about. We're close enough to go to OKC, Tulsa, or Dallas for shopping/entertainment on the weekends.?
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  • Bull honk.  Sorry I find it very hard to believe that it's a great place to raise kids.  Did they not check the crime rate?  Hello!
  • I find it puzzling there is no mention of the quality of public schools in why this choice is the best place to raise children. Who wouldn't look into the school district?
  • I can think of so many other better places
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