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Travel agent rec? Or, how did you book travel to Europe?

I need some guidance planning a trip to Europe at the end of May, most likely France.  Any Baltimore travel agent recs?  Preferably easy to get to from 83?

And/or, if you've been to Europe, how did you plan and book travel?

Re: Travel agent rec? Or, how did you book travel to Europe?

  • Honestly, I read some guide books asked my sister/friends for recs and did it myself. To be fair though, I felt more comfortable doing it that way since I had been to Europe when I was younger and I like to have control over things, rather than have a travel agent do it.

    ETA: I used the Lonely Planet and RIck Steve's guides.

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  • I did it on my own also, for trips to Ireland and England. I read Foder's recs and for what to do and where to stay and built a trip out of that. It takes a little time, but it was definitely worth it. GL!
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  • I booked our 12 day trip to Italy through in 2009, and we had a great experience with them.  We went to three cities within Italy, and booked the hotels, flights and trains between cities through them with no issues.   For the other parts of the trip (i.e. side trips, tours, etc.), I just researched those and booked them myself.  I cross checked the hotels they recommended on trip advisor, and they all had great reviews (and we were happy with them). 

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  • Meant to add that Rick Steves books were very helpful to us.  We had one for each city we went to.
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  • We've either booked things on our own or taken a tour. When we've booked things on our own, I've usually consulted a guidebook and booked things like flights, hotels and a few attractions together with a site like Expedia.
  • Ragdolls Mom is a travel agent.  I haven't used her, but I know several knotties did and they were all very happy.

    After the fiasco we had with the transfers for our cruise in Rome, I fully intend on using a travel agent next time we book something.  My 6 week pregnant self was stuck on a dock with no shade, no water and no bathroom waiting for our transfer to show up.  They finally got there about 2 hours after everyone else had departed. 

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  • I planned our trip for 7 people to Ireland in 2004, and planned our trip for 4 people to Ireland and Scotland in 2009. I found it very easy, and I like detail-oriented stuff like that :)
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  • We used AAA for our trip last summer.

     For booking tours at the attractions, I HIGHLY recommend  We had absolutely wonderful experiences on all of the tours we booked through them (in France, we did the walking tour of Montmarte, but we also did several tours through them in Italy that were incredible).

  • And I second the Rick Steves books..they were our go-to while we were there!
  • We are also booking a trip to Europe in May. I've been looking at: and

    So far I have liked them both but havent offically booked anything yet. They also had recommendations for things to do and could just add them on.

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  • Thanks for all of the suggestions- this gives me a lot to go on!
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